Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lady Gaga.

lady gaga.
elle uk.
january 2011.
by: matt irwin.

have you all been paying attention to my girl gagalicious lately!?!?! she's on fire!!!! can't wait to see her perform tomorrow and then the marry the night video airs on thursday!! yayyyyy. so pumped. i still have to wait until tuesday when i get my paycheck to buy her terry richardson book, but it's all good because since i'm an employee at urban during employee appreciation, that book is gonna be cheeeaaappp!! so stoked! anyways, here is her double cover for elle uk. i really like it. irwin did a good job of figuring out very pleasant angles for her face. i approve. anyways, back to trying to fall asleep. more posts as soon as i'm done with these projects, just have had time fashionistas...sorryy! but, gotta go.
toodles. until next time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


doutzen kroes.
numero china.
december 2011.
by: tiziano magni.

tell me this isn't sick!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kate Parr.

kate parr.

hey guys, i wanted to introduce you all to this lady.
she's a fashion illustrator who's done some amazing work with water colors.
i was never a huge fan...or someone who necessarily appreciated water color paintings until about a year or two ago. now, i cannot get enough of them. anytime i see something that was done with water colors that looks sick, i've got to find out more about the artist and explore more of their work. this stuff is awesome. there's a ton of bleeding but great usage of color which gives each piece an amazing mystical quality. pretty cool huh? check her out guys. her website will be at the end of the post. have a great day while i go off to worrkkkkk. toodle-loo fashionistas.

W Korea.

hailey clauson.
w korea.
december 2011.

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS! this is amazing. no joke, as SOON as i saw this i was like 'this is FOR SURE going up on my blog.' haha, even though i have nothing to say about it besides it being here it is. it's just a pretty cool cover to look at.

Lookbook Faves.

hello boys and girls.
i was having trouble finding something to post for you today that fit into my level of taste....aaannd nothing jumped out at me. soo, i decided to go on lookbook (since i haven't been there in awhile) and check out some of my favorite people on there. i think that after going through the small list of those that i actually do follow on there, it really shows that they're all a mesh of what i'd consider my true style to be. if i had an unlimited amount of money and an even bigger closet....i'd definitely have everything that these people do at my finger-tips. but since i'm broke as a joke, i guess i'll just settle with what i do currently have. enjoy! and check these folks out.

just visit my lookbook page and it will take you to all of these lovelies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Fannings.

dakota & elle fanning.
photographer: mario sorrenti.
w magazine.
december 2011.

look at my girrrlllllssss!!!!!!!! i've been a huge fan of dakota fanning since forever. her and her sister are soo adorable and extremely stylish. they look amazing here sporting designers duds from dior to chanel to valentino. pretty cool huh? check this out fashionistas. {i kind of switched around the actual print order...but i like them better this way ;) }

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Karlie Kloss.

karlie kloss.
by: alexi lubomirski.
vogue germant.
december 2011.

ohhhh karlie, why must you constantly be so phenomenal??

(check out my youtube.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Johan Andersson.

johan andersson.

hello ladies and gents, i think this is going to be the last post of the day...but the coolest one.
i believe last year i introduced you all to my favorite artist, this swedish guy is young, innovative, deep, and kind of poetic through his paintings. i am in absolute LOVE with everything that he does. he reaches inside of people and pulls out all things vulnerable, happy, joyful, insecure and beautiful. his stuff could honesty make me cry if i were to be surrounded by it for awhile. besides gaga and kanye....he's definitely someone who i would just dieee to meet. his work is incredible. so here are some of his more recent paintings. hope you guys like this as much as i do.
au'revoir fashionistas.
-morgan signing out.

imperfect perfection.

reasons to smile.

beyond the flood.

images via artnet.

Victoria Wallace.

victoria wallace.
by: conan thai.

okay i promised a few days ago that i was going to hold off on the black and white posts, buuttt i think since it's been over a week that you can forgive me.
i just really like them....sorry =/
especially this one! i love this! i could actually see myself taking silly pictures like this with my sister.
i want to do my hair like this, my makeup like this, and wear all of the clothes that she has on. lol. you've got to admit that she looks pretty snazzy right?
anyways, check out the youtube channel for vlogs and outfit of the day videos. if you have any requests for videos, be sure to send me requests via my email address. it's on the side of the page but here ya go anyway.

-toodles guys.
morgan =)


model: mary sher.
photographer: michelle aboud.
stylist: suzy o'rourke.
makeup: leiane taylor.
issue 25.

okay, so we all know that i'm a HUGE fan of headwear, hats, scarfs, turbans...the whole nine...but hey guys, do you think that you'd actually wear this stuff? don't get me wrong, there is NO DOUBT that it's all pretty bad ass and amazing to look at, but do you think there's actually a market for buying this sort of stuff?? let me know in an email. and don't forget to check out my youtube channel. i'm in the process of uploading a "simple" outfit of the day video...that is if youtube will cooperate. any-who, enjoy.
-morgan =)


paolo remedy.

okay, so since i don't know all the figgity facts about this, i'll put a link at the end of the post so you guys can check it out. i reaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy think this is cool. i debated on weather or not to post this because i didn't know if it'd be too popular, buuuutt i don't care. i'm diggin' it.
look out for more posts later.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Anja Rubik.

anja rubik.
i-D magazine.
by: david bailey.

isn't this cuuuttee! fun covers are my favorite. but you guys should know that by now. this is actually going to be 1 of the 6 collectible covers that i-D is doing. this issue revolves around those ladies out there obsessed with fitness and keeping their body right. too bad i don't fall into that lovely category. i really have tried to lay out a plan for me to get back into shape, but in all honesty....i'm just too lazy to do anything right now lol. i don't feel like running, jumping, sprinting, doing push-ups, yoga, pilates.....NOTHIN'.  all i want to do is eat chips and drink soda all day. i know, it's horrible but it's the truth. i guess it's good that i'm only 18 and the fat really hasn't accumulated thaaatt bad. however i do see a difference in my physical appearance, but who cares. 

anyways, check out my youtube channel. there won't be any new videos on there for a week or so since the recent crashing of my beloved computer....but you can go watch all the 35 other ones i've posted in the mean time. email me any requests you might have.
toodle-loo fashion lovers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Awful Big Adventure.

kirsi pyrhonen
vogue uk.
december 2011.
photographed by: tim walker.
styled by: kate phelan.

this is an amazing title for this. it fits so extremely well. i often like when photographers and magazine editors decide to do shoots that tell somewhat of a story. this one definitely does. it's so interesting to look at. that's pretty much why i decided to add all of the pictures that i did because it better conveys the message using more than less of them. and besides, this was a lengthy shoot to begin with. but i like it. the colors, her hair standing up on top of her head, the crisp photography...UGGGH! need i say more?!? this is truly incredible. but besides all of that, the clothes are pretty epic. i'm loving the fact that such bright/rich/vibrant colors are in style this fall and winter. 
okie dokie, so go ahead and look at this for yourself. aannnd, most importantly DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE, I JUST POSTED A VIDEO ON FINDING YOUR INNER CREATIVITY. I PROMISE YOU'LL LIKE IT.
anyways, got to go.