Monday, April 23, 2012

Marie Claire Spain.

marie claire spain.
may 2012.
by: alexandre weinberger.
isn't she gorgeous!??? awww, i really like simple doll-like faces every now and then as opposed to the striking edgy beauties.

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via: thefashionspot.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Natasha Poly.

natasha poly.
vogue paris.
may 2012.
by: mario sorrenti.

i saw this a couple days ago and my jaw DROPPEDDDD! this will probably go down as one very iconic vogue editorial. i'm almost sure of it. just look at these pictures. i could stare at them for a whole day. i'm loving her eyes, the strength coming from her expressions, the colors, the makeup, and just the overall intense nature of these photographs. i could go on and on about this for days but i'm not going to bore you. have fun looking fashionistas. 
later gators.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crystal Renn.

no. 17.
by: ellen von unwerth.

this is cool right??
hope you guys are having a fantastic daaayyyyy!!!
i'm gonna go to work now. toodle-loo fashion friends.
-morgs over and out.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magdalena Frackowiak.

vogue paris.
may 2012.
shot by: giampolo sgura.

i don't know about you guys, but i want my body to look JUST LIKE THIS! her body is so killer!!! i've been working out consistently for the past week now and i must say that i'm starting to feel a lot better. not that i need to lose an ungodly amount of weight or anything, but i definitely need to tone up a bit. i feel like i kind of let myself go in a way haha. (coming from a wimpy nineteen year old). but yeah, i'm posting this 1. because these are just some gorgeous shots, and 2. because this is my inspiration for my summer body. i'm probably never ever going to look like this but i can try, right? 
i'll talk to you guys later.


katryn kruger.
interview mag.
april 2012.
photographer: craig mcdean.
stylist: karl templer.

do you love it?? or do you love it?? this is so sick. looking at this throws me into this whimsical world of confusion and seduction. i'm really digging the black and white contrasting elements here. there's also this sort of take on modernity and classical imagery being blended together here. it creates a sort of confusion but at the same time a harmonious balance which i'm liking a lot. i'm feeling the mod patterns and simple shapes of the clothes as well as the subtle hair and makeup. what do you guys think??
-morgs over and out. =)

Chrishell Stubbs.

chrishell stubbs.
block magazine.
by: bon duke.
styled by: martha violante.

has it really been ten days since the last time i posted!?!?!? whoops! i didn't realize that it's been that long. sorry fashionistas. anyways, i saw this earlier today and fell in love with it. i really like the overall images here as well as the styling. the clothes are really cool and they help to tell the story. there's this whole theme of marriage being played with here....women, equality, well as feminist ideas. very interesting concept right?? i'd say so. i don't really want to read into this too much so i'll let you guys debate over which photograph means what. let me know. my email is 
oh and be sure to check out my youtube channel. shoot me requests for any video ideas you may have...even though i've got tons already but i'm always open to new stuff. 
toodle-loo friends. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hannah Holman.

hannah holman.
elle france.
april 2012.
photographer: simon burstall.
stylist: elissa cannelle castelbou.
makeup: tiina roivainen.

well isn't this just a pop of fun and a breath of fresh air! lovveesss iittt! this just put me in a fabulous mood. i don't have too much for say about this other than i really like the model, styling is cool, amazing sets, and uhhh yeaaahhh! this gets two thumbs up from me. have a wonderful day people of the world!

-morgan over and out =)

Drama Queen.

karlie kloss.
w magazine.
april 2012.
photographer: craig mcdean.

oh karlie girl, you never cease to amaze me. i don't know if it's me or what but over the past year as she's been getting bigger and bigger, she keeps looking better and better. her legs look longer, her face is more striking, that body is becoming more and more off the chain!!! (haha). i love this. every move she's making here is so sharp and strong. and let us not forget about the clothes. aren't they amazing!?? if i could; meaning have money to actually afford this stuff, these fits would definitely be a part of my daily get ups. the hair, makeup, and everything. i would rock that stuff out. anyways, hope you like it! i'm in the mood to make a youtube video today, so stay tuned to my channel sometime today or tomorrow for a new vid.

anyways fashionistas, check ya on the flip side!
k byeee!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Darling.

hanna e.
by: saga wendotte.
makeup: suzan abdul.
that's it! i'm doing my makeup today. for the past week or so, besides when i worked at this fashion show on thursday, i've refrained from wearing a ton of makeup. but after seeing this i got really inspired. it's crazy because of the bright loud colors plastered on this girl's little doll-like face, but at the same time the simplicity of it. i'm diggin' it. i wish i could figure out what brands their using here, but oh well. hope this gave you some inspiration. 
-morgan. =)