Monday, August 30, 2010


hello ladies and gents..
soo..i couldn't find any amazing editorial things to post today so i decided to put up pictures of myself!! yayyy, i'm sure you prefer that anyway lol jk.
sooo the first outfit with the black romper i wore awhile ago, and i have no idea why i'm just getting around to posting it...idk beats me.
the one with the red dress i wore this past sunday, went to church with the fam and then went around town by myself and spent the rest of that afternoon shopping.
i know some of you guys like to see posts like this because you're curious to what my actual style is,...sooo here ya go.
expect some cool ones coming up soon because i LOVE fall and winter clothing.

 i don't really remember where i got everything from but i'll try my best.
ok for the first outfit this is all i know
aldo shoes $50
charlotte russe hat $10

second outfit
forever21 dress approx. $24
levi belt $20
aldo boots $130
vintage purse $2-3 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elle Macpherson.

love magazine.
by: sharif mamza.

you guyyssss!!!! isn't this just too much fun. i think my heart started smiling when i came across this lovely shoot for love magazine. i'm always mesmerized by things that capture the whole idea of youth and fun all in one. the carefree spirits of teens and young people is something that we can all only just sit back and be in awe over. how could you not just seem to find complete joy when you see things that make you reminisce on the good ol' days.
i'm going through what i like to call, my "michael jackson i don't want to grow up phase." i'm a senior in high school now and am facing many difficulties on what exactly i'm going to do with my future. it's really hard for me because i come from a household where careers in any creative field are sort of looked down upon,...i mean they're turning around because they can now see my great passion but are still very skeptical. just as long as i keep on hustling for what i want i'm sure that i'll have their support. anyways..i just kind of feel like a grown up now-a-days...even though i'm still under my parent's roof its not the same as it used to be.
i have to pay for everything now, i go to school, then come home for a second, head of to work, take care of more things, i'm involved in so many activities and its kind of hard to be a kid...i don't even have time to sleep anymore.
so that's why when i look at things like this they make me smile.
hope i didn't bore you too much with this long narrative lol, here goes the pictures haha.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harpers Bazaar Malaysia.

september 2010.
models: natalie keyser, dempsey stewart, ruby-jean wilson.
photographer: steven upton.

this shoot was called "valley of the dolls"
loves it =D
there were soooo many cool pics to choose from but these are my top five.
hope ya like them.


by: kane skennar.

this is so off the wall, but highly captivating. wtf were the people who put this ad campaign together thinking??...idk guys, i really couldn't tell ya. but it's pretty cool i guess. it certainly got my attention.
it kind of reminds me of that "don't turn the lights on" video by chromeo...idk why but it does lol. the glasses are AMAZING though, so original...too bad i don't really have the money to afford them so i suppose dreaming about them for now will be sufficient.
here are my favorite pictures from the shoot.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Lily Cole.

"common reaction"
by: solve sundsbo.

i found this picture on fashiongonerogue's little photo of the day thing from yesterday and i really wanted to post it. not only because i love lily cole, but because i am really diggin' her hair and her facial expression is sooo comical. haha, that's the same look i had a couple minutes ago when i was trying to finish my homework and realized how late it was.
i should be asleep now but i'm too busy looking up news in usual,..typical me.
alrighty guys, so i guess i'm gonna shake off my blog for right now. until we meet again my loves.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coco Rocha.

"morning beauty"
photographed by: craig mcdean.

wow, all this transparent stuff and plastic...okay fashion people, do you actually dig this stuff??
email me and let me know. it's like that one zac posen show all over again. this shoot is actually a bit of a throw back to be honest. it was originally seen in W magazine in i believe october of 2006.
but who gives a shit. i certainly don't. still thought it was cool and you guys should see it.
alrighty so hopefully you guys are aware that i looovvvee my little canadian coco, she's so amazing.
i usually only post a small part of a photoshoot on my blog or just pick my favourite pictures but today i decided i'd go ahead and put up all of them. hope you guys think they're as sweet as i do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lynn Amelie.

by: paul james hay.

omfg!! look at the eyeballs on this chick, THEY'RE HUGE!!!
but really pretty though.


spring 2011.

ok sooo even though this isn't going to come out for like a year, i wanted to post it anyway because i think the pictures are pretty sweet.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lara Stone.

w magazine.
september 2010.
by: mert alas.

these pics are becoming pretty gosh darn popular, let me tell ya. but i definitley understand why. i mean hello, it's lara stone, w magazine, a september issue, and the pics are bright and fun.
ohh and don't you guys just love that sparkly de la renta tuxedo in the last picture, it's soo cute right?

NY Times Style Magazine.

"going places"
fall 2010.
model: sara blomqvist.
photographer: mark segal.
stylist: david vandewal.

ahhhh is it love that i see? i think so. traveling is something that i've always enjoyed and my trip to europe in june was definitely the best one i've ever had thus far. i think that everyone should take time out to go and explore the rest of the world that they're living in. that's probably why i don't plan on having children too early because i was to go out in the world and look at as much of it as i can. living life to the fullest is a new thing on my checklist of things that i would like to accomplish, and i'm pretty sure i can start making that happen at this very moment. it's wonderful to see new things and experience different cultures. every place is so different, no amount of pictures, magazine articles, videos, or other people's opinions can compare to the real thing. but i love this editorial for the ny times style mag because of the clothes. it might be a little over the top for some but i really like what it represents...aaand it also reminds me of vivienne westwood so that's a plus lol. ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Luisa Bianchin.

by: billy kidd

i find these pictures interesting. she looks like she's thinking really hard and kind of confused in a way...
OH, and i LOVE her freckles.!!!