Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vogue China.

september 2010.
lui wen, tao okamoto, shu pei, fei fei sun, and ming xi.
shot by: peter lindbergh.

i saw this editorial shoot a couple days ago and i'm just now getting around to sharing it with the rest of you, why?? you might ask, well i couldn't really give you an answer.
so here i go. all of my frequent readers should be aware of my fascination and obsession with asian models. (just go back and look at previous posts with any asian chick and read what i wrote lol.)
i don't know why i love them so much i just do. i think it's because they're now exploding on the fashion scene and they really haven't been as popular as they are now and i really love it.
it all started with my home slice tao and then lui wen popped up on the scene and it's been all uphill since then. these chicks are sooo pretty and i'm happy that they are now the faces of fashion in the future.
so i guess the brazilian and russian girls are finally going out of style..oh well.