Monday, November 29, 2010

Francoise Nielly.

whoa did i find some cool art for you guys!
okay, so i'm taking this painting class for school..
at first i didn't really like it all that much because i quickly realized that i am a waaayyy better drawer than i am a painter. but, i tried to stick it out and ya know what, i've gotten a whole hell of a lot better. let me tell ya lol. so anyways, i've been looking around for some cool, graphic, off the chain, colorful, eclectic, different, fun art and luckily i found it. so i've heard of francoise before but just never went into looking her up.
but, when i finally got around to it i was PLEASANTLY surprised. she's genius.
everything she paints is so bright and colorful. all of the portraits she does of people captivate their every emotion and inner spirit. i soon fell in love with nielly as soon as i saw this first painting that i put up.
i really want to try and do something in her style of painting. i love how the different colors overlap to contour and shape the face. everything is just so intense.
i want to go back to france just to try and find her lol.
i hope you enjoy her work as much as i do. she's really done a ton of neat stuff.
so, please go check her out.
alrighty folks, i'm out of here.
til' next time.

Coco Rocha.

october 2010.
photographer: ishi.
stylist: rita liefhebber.

okay, okay i know i just posted something similar like five minutes ago, but that's okay because i know you'll enjoy looking at these pictures too lol.
this red lip thing is HUGE! i hope you little fashionistas are taking note. any kind of red lipstick will work this season. dark red, bright red, ruby red,...all of it.
then the whole dark hair thing seams to be making its way onto the scene as well.
anyways, this shoot is cool. i like it i guess.
alrighty, i'll try to post some clothes stuff lol.
toodles guys.


Anna Rudenko.

by jamie nelson.
styled by fein.
makeup by beau nelson.
harper's bazaar espanol.
november 2010.

cool cool cool. i like this. the jewels and bright poppy red lips are amazing.
good job HB staff who worked on this editorial who worked on the spanish beauty shoot for the magazine.
love it....fabulous.
ohhh, and i think want those sweet ass glasses now. lol.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ashley Smith.

by sharif hamza.
vogue russia.
december 2010.

look at all of the haute couture. lovely ehh??
makes me want to go watch some period piece movie or something.
i think ash did a good job for this editorial. i only wish she would close her god damn mouth in some pics, but that's okaaayyyy.
i'm really starting to become a big fan of vogue russia, their photographers, and stylists...
idk if anyone picked that up (well my usual readers) but i'm really started to become a bigger fan day by day.
everything is soooo russian and
i feel like everything comes from this very imaginative point of view.
the shoots are always so different and far fetched but nobody will deny how dope they are.
in my mind, that's pretty gosh darn cool.
aaiiight guys, check it out.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Frida Gustavsson.

by lachlan bailey.
vogue uk.
december 2010.

OooOOoo pretty. frida takes such beautiful pictures. she's an amazing model i must admit.
i like the girl. the makeup here is pretty fierce, don't ya think??
i like the stars and the cool ass eyelashes.
i wonder if that irritated her eyes???? hmmm...
anyways, here's two of the pics from the editorial.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lanvin + H&M.

horray for this wonderful collabo!
i'm so excited. dear american public, you can now purchase designer lanvin clothing, made by yours truly alber elbaz. this is just too remarkable. ya know, i never really thought that lanvin would have clothes at h&m but i'm happy ae decided to collaborate with them. the show for the new line JUST happened not too long ago, so i'm sure my little fashionistas are dying to hear about the collection.
well, the show was packed and had a lot of cool fashion people in attendance. supposedly by boy, bryanboy LOVED IT! which means it must be on point.
so anyway, i think alber did a great job in making the line look like stuff that typical h&m shoppers would buy but it still has that designer feel to it. it's a fun line, very out there, crazy, cool, but it also has senses of sophistication which i enjoy. i cannot wait until i see this stuff in stores!!! yayyyy, LANIVN LANVIN LANVIN!!
do you think i'm pumped or what? haha.
ok, here's a few photographs from the runway.
hope ya like.


for more pics and commentary from the event, be sure to hit up


f/w 2010.
model: andressa fontana.
photographer: jeffery greatsch.

okay, i think this cover for ponytail is pretty damn cool.
i was going to post it a couple days ago when i first saw it, but then i forgot about it.
..sily could i forget about something that looks like this i will never know lol.
i LOVE PAINT! this is such art to me. friend told me it scared her and that it looked hella weird but i don't think so in the slightest bit.
it's sooo awesome.
what do you think?

Anna de Rijk.

shot by: thomas klementsson.

whoa! this is kind of weird but yet i find it very intriguing. you like?
bright colors and crazy hair always seem to catch my attention.
i'm diggin' the neon hair, kinda cool i must say.
i don't really get what they were trying to go for her though....
it's this odd concept that i'm still trying to figure out after starring at these pictures for over thirty minutes...
hmmm...maybe i just don't get it.
well, how about you guys star at them for a sec and let the idea or concept behind the shoot boggle your mind.
have at it.!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Olivia Palermo.

OLIVIIIAAAA!!!! omfg you guys, you honestly have no idea how much i love this girl right here.
everything about her just fascinates me.
i love her attitude, her style, the way she talks, ...just absolutely everything.
i feel like such a creep but i really want to be her best friend.
she was probably one of the most hated characters on mtv's hit show the city but i could care less.
idk why i'm always infatuated with the villain on different tv series.
....idk, maybe that could say something about me and my own personality...anywhoo..
her style! it's soo amazing. i'm pretty sure i've never seen her wear anything that i don't like. she has such a classic style but she always looks so regal and polished. just fabulous!
anyways, found these pics, check em' out.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crystal Renn.

harper's bazaar.
december 2010.
paola kudacki.
styled by: natasha royt.

okay, so i'm not sure if you guys are familiar with crystal or not, but if you're not let me just go ahead and give you the heads up on this chick. i wonder what you guys think of this and i'm not too sure on what my current stance is but i'm sure as soon as i'm done typing this i'll think of a strong opinion lol.
but anyways, she used to be a plus sized model and now she's all super skinny.
a lot of people hate the transformations that take place within the plus sized side of modeling because those girls always appear to be SUPER confident and talk about how strong and secure they are with their bodies and end up dropping 50+ lbs. and start posing in clothes that only fit a size one or two girl.
are they really secure? or is there too much pressure to be thin?
i think that they probably do have some insecurities but at the same time must appear to be super confident in their size as a plus sized model just to set an example to others that there is beauty found within every shape and size that women come in and that "thin" isn't always "in." buuuuttt, at the same time there is a ton of pressure to be your best physical self and skin n' bones is typically seen as the most appealing.
so if you want to work and get a job,...maybe thinner is better? idk, you guys tell me.
i'm not saying either one is good, but i always find it odd how really successful plus sized models become SOOOOO super skinny.
what do you think?
(oh but i dig the shoot though lol)

Sparkle & Shine.

vogue china.
december 2010.
photographer: michaelangelo de battista.
model: du juan.

YAYYY, another du juan editorial. i've been searching for new pictures of her recently and i'm so glad that i came upon these ones. so, here she is in yet another vogue beauty shoot. the makeup here is pretty killer. you know...maybe i should start doing blog posts on new and cool makeup stuff that i see since i'm so in love with cosmetics anyway...but at the same time all anyone has to do is log into their youtube account and find gurus with vids of that kind of stuff on there...sooo nevermind.
idk, maybe i will...maybe i won't. who knows.
anyways, i've got to head off to class.
toodles fashionistas.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


photographer: stanley patzold.

cool huh?
dig it?
i do.


by: thom kerr.

i can't decide on whether or not i think this is too much or absolutely incredible.
....not too sure yet.
i'm liking the lighting and graphic effects on the pics, sooo i suppose they're pretty cool.
oh and i'm sure you know i'm in love with the makeup.
its sooo cool.
the clothes she's wearing are from prada, miu miu, and galliano.
any questions,...just ask.