Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ashley Smith.

by sharif hamza.
vogue russia.
december 2010.

look at all of the haute couture. lovely ehh??
makes me want to go watch some period piece movie or something.
i think ash did a good job for this editorial. i only wish she would close her god damn mouth in some pics, but that's okaaayyyy.
i'm really starting to become a big fan of vogue russia, their photographers, and stylists...
idk if anyone picked that up (well my usual readers) but i'm really started to become a bigger fan day by day.
everything is soooo russian and
i feel like everything comes from this very imaginative point of view.
the shoots are always so different and far fetched but nobody will deny how dope they are.
in my mind, that's pretty gosh darn cool.
aaiiight guys, check it out.