Friday, December 31, 2010

Vogue Paris.

vogue paris.
november 2009.
keith me.
by: david sims.

siiiickkk!....but then again, stuff like this is being just a tad bit overdone...
but then again i suppose looking at the date of this particular editorial, that this was most likely seen as revolutionary during that time,....
hmmm....can't believe i've never seen it.


fiasco magazine.
september 2010.

ok, so don't really know the model or the photographer for this magazine cover, so i'll put a link to this publication at the end of the post so i won't get in trouble for any copy-right stuff.
anyways, for the past hour or so i've been searching the internet for cool ass, or what i find as cool ass magazine covers. i think that me finding a career in advertising would be a good thing because people really do judge a book by its cover. if something doesn't captivate you, intrigue you, or catch your attention from the start, you won't give it the time of day...and that can be said about a variety of things, but for right now, i'm just simply speaking about magazine covers lol,
so anyways, i like this one because he looks pretty dope and he's all kinda inked up.
there's a variety of things that i want written on me sooo here we go, guess i'll tell ya.
if i ever do end up getting them, i'll be sure to do a blog post so you guys will be the first ones to see them haha.
ok, so on my wrist i want the word "time" in all caps with a question mark behind it,
this is because i'm very philosophical and am into that sort of stuff.
im a kanye fan and besides i really like this saying but i want "touch the sky" written in old english on my right wrist. just because i feel like in life everyone should reach,..ya know.
then i want "on the pursuit of happiness..."s written in cursive on the upper inside of my right arm..
i want "carpe diem" on my back.
and then "this too shall pass" on my rib cage..
there's more but those are the major ones lol.
so back to the magazine cover haha, ummm i like it because he's inked up
tattoos are a very cool form of expression and a permanent one, sooo i appreciate ones that have meaning,.
and besides i think they look cool ;)

Vogue Italia.

eugenia volodina.
shot by: richard burbridge.
styled by: marie chaix.

how could someone not like this??! i love this stuff.
looks pretty bad ass if you ask me.
i like the lighting, the whole "transformers" futuristic thing goin' on.
it's pretty sweet.
the yellow lipstick is a bit much, but it sort of makes it, without it, i don't think it would look as cool..or edgy.
sooo, i would have to say i'm a fan of this one.
sorry haters.

Factory Magazine.

winter 2010.
models: anna rudenko & ana clara lasta.
by: michael donovan.
styled by: katie burnett.

i DIG this shit!
i really really really like stuff like this soooo much.
it's incredible. the whole dark, layered, hippie, type stuff is really inspiring to me.
very creative layout.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gwen Lu.

by jeff tse.
"black swan."

she does look like a black swan, now doesn't she? lol.
i like this shoot, very chic.
kind of normal, not too different or out there, but i'm down.
how about you you like this?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Danny Roberts.

spring/summer 2011.
the top newcomers.

i personally thought that this was brilliant. after searching around on for about an hour i came upon this series of drawings that danny has done. i guess because i'm a drawer myself, i really liked these.
i like his style, very genius. i'm diggin' this shit.
anyways, so i suppose i could explain them a little further.
so what danny did was he took all the top up and coming models out there in the fashion world and drew right.
but i think they really do look like them.
i'll be sure to include the models' names under each picture so you can know who each one is if you don't recognize them.
ok, here we go. hope you like it.

  bambi northwood-blyth.
 britt maren.
 hailey clauson.
 iris egbers.
maddie kulicka.

Elle Sweden.

october 2010.
frida gustavsson.
photographer: andreas sjodin.
makeup: anya de tobon.

ooOOoo pretty pretty. i was looking around at some of the beauty editorials for various publications and came across this one. i've seen it before but just never thought to post it on my blog.
so here it goes.
oh and by the way, i think that i'm going to start featuring more of my personal style looks on expect more outfit shoots from me.
alrighty guys, hope you have a fantastic day.
toodles. ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liu Wen.

by thomas schenk.
vogue spain.
january 2011.

look at this! pretty interesting huh?
this editorial got a lot of mixed reviews. some people thought she looked dirty, others thought this was too costumey...
whatever, i liked it. i think its pretty cool ya ask me. liu is sporting gear from galliano, rodarte, and missoni.
niiiicccee. and i'm diggin' the makeup on her too. yeah it's all smudged and looked kinda like yuck warmed over, but she wears it well. soo good job vogue spain team. i'll give you guys a thumbs up for this one.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tales of the City.

elle uk.
january 2011.
ana claudia michels.
shot by: simon burstall.
hair: leonardo manetti.
makeup: gina brooke.

omfg you guyyyssss!!! this makes me want to move to london sooo bad. i love love love love love british style. it's so me. i am obsessed with blazers, button-up shirts, and trousers.
oh, and i'm diggin' her hair. it looks so cute.
you guys, this is so me!!!


by: john-paul pietrus.
models: ajak deng & ataui deng.
stylist: sabrina henry.

idk about you guys, but i am loving this emergence of editorials that feature these really dark african models.
they are so pretty and exotic looking to me. i love it!
so this one was a little weird, i liked the clothes and everything and the angles of the photographs but the concept was a bit of a blur...
all this lesbian stuff, girl/girl stuff is kinda overkill if ya know what i'm saying.
everybody is doing it. it's gettin' a little old.
i'll put the link so you guys can go check out the full editorial but i really liked this one picture in particular.
it's just simply beautiful.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tom Tom Club.

model: tom lander.
dazed & confused japan.
by: kai z feng.
stylist: stevie westgarth.

isn't he gorgeous! what a hunk..hope he's not gay because i'd definitely slip this guy my number anytime lol.
okay, let me stop. haha. can you believe he's only seventeen!! i knowww, that's what i said. =O
anyways, he's a babe and the new face of male modeling.
this kid is on his way to the top. and let me tell ya, he's got my support 100%.
i really like the styling in this shoot, stevie did a good job.
everything looks very chic.

A Beautiful Muse.

muse magazine.
winter 2010.
julia stegner.
by daniele + iango.

gosh, look at that long hair.
i need to go buy me a weave lol, or try harder to grow my hair out lol.
i'm so obsessed with hair right now it's not even funny.
like all kinds of it.
maybe i'll go to cosmetology school...naahhh just kidding.
i don't think so.
anyways, this lady godiva slash rapunzel inspired shoot is pretty sick.
i dig it.
check it out.

Elle Croatia.

elle croatia.
december 2010.
model: nika senjak.
photographer: sylvie malfray.

i had no idea that there was an elle croatia,...
never woulda thought.
anyways, back to this full, thick, wild, vivacious, curly hair.
gotta love it.
i like this cover a lot.
it's cool.

Raquel Zimmerman.

by david sims.
vogue us.
january 2011.

"she wears the pants"
i love pants, i think that a great pair of pants will make any woman look great. there's a couple pairs that i've been wanting. i was on frassy's blog and she has these great cheetah print ones that are to die for, i also want this tweed pair from urban, and also these riding pants from american apparel.
soooo we'll see if my xmas money that i get ends up there.
it's weird because i realized that i kind of have to start saving for college lol...
hmmm...and i'm one to always throw my money away on pointless things so i don't really know how all of this is going to work out lol.
anyways, back to the pants thing.
i love em'. go get ya some.
a great pair of trousers is in ladies so go cop you some nice ones.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amber Rose.

okay, so i have some news for you little fashionistas.
i don't know how many of you guys are actually hip to this, because the news just hit the net about 24 hours ago, but FORD models no longer represents amber!
interesting...i was kind of shocked but then at the same time, she's made such a big name for herself over the past year that she really doesn't need to be linked to an agency to remain in the lime light.
she's doing enough on her own. i like the chick. she's pretty bad ass.
her style is envied by so many people, and it's hella cool because she actually styles herself which is something that i give her major kudos for.
sooo,...i don't know, what do you guys think?
she's on her own now..., but i'm sure someone will hit her up and want to represent her so she won't have a problem being under new management.
anyways, i'm out. if  i get more info on this topic, i'll be sure to post it for you guys.