Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Danny Roberts.

spring/summer 2011.
the top newcomers.

i personally thought that this was brilliant. after searching around on for about an hour i came upon this series of drawings that danny has done. i guess because i'm a drawer myself, i really liked these.
i like his style, very genius. i'm diggin' this shit.
anyways, so i suppose i could explain them a little further.
so what danny did was he took all the top up and coming models out there in the fashion world and drew right.
but i think they really do look like them.
i'll be sure to include the models' names under each picture so you can know who each one is if you don't recognize them.
ok, here we go. hope you like it.

  bambi northwood-blyth.
 britt maren.
 hailey clauson.
 iris egbers.
maddie kulicka.