Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vogue Russia.

vogue russia.
january 2011.
iris strubegger.
by francois nars.

okie dokie folks, now i have a question for you think that fashion ads, clothes, designers, etc...are just going a tad bit overkill on the dramatics?? email me and let me know.
in a way, i kind of think so. you know i always look to vogue russia for editorial stuff to post on my blog, but this one i found very interesting..maybe because i don't necessarily get the point.
i think they're trying to be too edgy and too theatrical, but it doesn't make me want to go out and buy the things that iris is wearing. i mean, yeah they're cool pictures but at the same time..just a little "too much."
from the hair, to the makeup, to the styling...idk..
the website i got this from described it as a cross between being a circus performer and a diva.
PERFECT!! lol.
i don't know guyss...maybe i'll have to stare at these photographs some more.
okay, ttyl.