Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vogue UK.

vogue uk.
january 2011.
cover shoot.
keira knightley.
photographer: mario testino.

gaaaahhhhh it's keira knightley!!!! she's like probably my favorite actress EVER besides kate winslet.
omfg you guys i love her.
i really want to buy this issue of vogue uk that comes out next month.
i'm so gosh darn excited! lol. (as if you couldn't tell that i was excited already, haha).
but yeah, i think she's sooo super talented. and she's gorgeous! i love her thin frame and how she's still looked at as an "attractive" women even though she doesn't have that playboy-esq figure,...*cough cough, like myself haha.
i'm obsessed with her style and just everything about her!!!!
i'm just sooo pumped.
anyways, i'll stop typing now.
hope you have a great day.