Friday, September 30, 2011


spring 2012.
paris fashion week.

okie dokie smokies, i'm going to finally do another fashion show review. no outfit post today. i look like a bum anyways. i've got on a black obama tee, jeans, and a cream colored beanie...soo uhh yeah, nothin' spectacular. anywho, lets get into real fashion, shall we? so the balenciaga show was amazing. i've always been an admirer of nicholas ghesquiere's work, and this time is no different. the show was pretty cool if you ask me. sooo apparently the benches everyone was sitting on fell to the ground so everyone had to stand. "all hail the house of balenciaga!" haha. anyways, so the venue was cool. i'm always stoked for the "hallway" effect runway. sooo the clothes were very reminiscent of cristobol balenciaga's actual clothing that ghesquire researched within the old archives. so, very 50s elements but with a modern twist. i love the hot pants, and high waisted jean-like pants with the broad shouldered tops that were paired with them. this was probably the first time in awhile that i could actually see myself wearing something from a balenciaga collection. the fabric choice was really neat as well. ohhh, and the colors ranged from blacks, navys, white, greens, to fusions of purples and arrays of different hues heading towards the end of the collection. i hope you guys go watch the show for yourself, it was pretty legit. anyways, i'll talk to you guys laterr.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


model: yours truly.
photographer: my sixteen yr old sister.

sooo here i am again, with nothing but anotherrr outfit post. a long time ago i promised to do these sort of posts frequently but i was kind of hard to do since i wore a uniform to school everyday. now as i'm free to dress however i want, it's easy to take a couple pics everyday and upload them onto my computer. same with those ootd videos i've been constantly putting on youtube. they're fast, easy, and you don't have to spend hours editing them. and besides, people like to see what i wear anyway....right? aaannnd if you don't, don't worry, this is not going to consume my blog.

Lily Cole.

lily cole.
harper's bazaar turkey.
october 2011.
photographer: koray birand.

she's baacckk! any lily cole fans out there? i know i am. i really do miss seeing this girl in everything. she's got such an amazing look that she was just great in every single thing she did. okay, so i guess harper's bazaar turkey is celebrating their 10th anniversary and they chose this BAMF to be on the cover. i approve. it was a good choice. so usually when a magazine has two different covers for an exclusive issue, i just pick the one that i like better and post it. this time, i cannot decide. sooo, i'm going to post the link to the other one so you guys can see both of them. which one is your favorite??? anyways, i'm gonna go edit some pictures and you might be able to squeeze another post out of me a little bit later so just look out for that. also, check out my youtube channel for outfit posts. i'll talk to you all lataaa.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fei Fei Sun.

fei fei sun.
vogue parish.
october 2011.
by: hans feurer.

have you guys seen this yet? well, if you haven't been prepared to get your mind blown by this incredible jewelry. it's pretty cool, i must say. it didn't strike me immediately that i was showcasing ralph lauren's new jewelry collection because the photography isn't really representative of him. you know what i'm saying? but that still doesn't mean that it doesn't look hella raaddd. if i had money, i'd go buy this stuff. but since i'm a broke college student living in my parent's house...i guess i'll have to keep buying my jewelry from aldo accessories haha. oh and nother thing, this fei fei girl is all over the place. i've seen her in so much stuff lately. i wonder if she's the next thing...hmmmm. oh well, i actually have to start my homework now, it's almost night o'clock. byee fashionistas, forreal this time haha. =D


spring 2012.
new york fashion week.

ok, wherreee do i begin? so the mulleavy sisters did it again. this collection for spring was very nice. it had a very nice whimsical aspect to it that was really cool. i'm sure if i actually got to see the show in person, that it would strike even stronger emotions. but the still images are still pretty sick. it felt as though you were trapped in a windy cornfield dream world at night. crazy...i know, but that's what i got from it. they said that they took inspiration from vincent van gogh and sleeping beauty. soo i guess i wasn't that far off with my own personal interpretation ehh? the color palette consisted of wonderful mustard yellow/green colors, blues, and purples. they created these wonderful prints that were placed ever nicely on the pieces in the beginning and end of the show. there was a lot of movement in all the dresses that gave them a very "liquidy" feel which was sweet. not too many pants in this collection,...i think they only appeared three or four times. but that was cool, because it made the collection flow easier. soo uhh yeah. i liked this show. but then again, who isn't a rodarte fan? am i right?
so yeahh fashion lovers, go over to my youtube channel and check it out if you want to see my outfit posts...or just me vlogging about fashion stuff. i'll talk to you guys later. got to finish my homework.
buh byyeee.

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model: me.
photographer: my little sister.

here's me again. me and madison were just playing around outside and i told her since she's the  best photographer EVERR (well...not really, just in my house) that she should take pics of me for my bliz-og.
aaand, she agreed. soo here they are. i look verryy childish, just warning ya. enjoy.
toodles. look for fashion show reviews coming up next.

(oh and by the way, i'm pretty much wearing all H&M stuff here except for those ridiculous socks.)

Tiger Magazine.

ilva hetmann.
fall 2011.
by: jonas bresman.

this tight....this tight.
later gators.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Indigo Lady.

anne-sophie monrad.
flair magazine.
september 2011.
by: emilio tini.
fashion editor: elena bellini.

hello world. today has been a great day. i accidentally overslept so i missed my one and only class for the day, but i think i'll manage to be okay. i spent the majority of my day so far looking at blogs and listening to my idol kanye west interview and discuss his perceptions on self expression. i love that man. then i decided to do a blog post myself. i want to review a fashion show, but i haven't starred at any new ones long enough to post a review. so i guess you'll have to look at this for now.
i'm not the biggest fan of denim and denim and more denim, but it seems to be all the rage nowadays. i suppose it's just not for me. but i really like this shoot for flair though. maybe it's her hair, the makeup...the overall style that caught my eye. i don't really know, but i do like it. it's very fun. =)
anyways, swing on over to my youtube channel and check out my latest videos.
i just posted a q&a fashion tag vid as well as a new outfit of the day. enjoy fashionistas.
over and out.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Karlie.

karlie kloss.
"best of beauty."
october 2011.
photographed by: mario testino.

okay okay, i promise to not flood my blog with karlie posts anymore, but she's just gotten so incredibly huge lately that she's all over the place. she was just on the cover of life and then the new alive magazine just came out with her on the cover, and she's been in countless fashion shows and in i can't help it. i really like these pictures. i haven't seen her in anything quite like this, so it's sort of refreshing to see a more "natural" her. her body is incredible. i guess since she doesn't do too much nude modeling or more risque things rather, that i never paid to much attention to her frame. she's flawless. i think the second picture i posted is my favorite. i'd so hang that up on my wall or put it into a collage or something. work it kk. keep doing big things girl.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


tavi gevinson.
l'officiel magazine.
october 2011.

here she is again folks. now i know for a fact that i've mentioned tavi wayyy more than once on my blog. i just love her. she's so different, so interesting, so young and naive, but so mature and sure of herself at the same time. it's just crazy to me how bloggers can blow up and be on the cover of one of the coolest french magazines EVER!!! i'm so jealous. but i think she deserves it. doing my own little stupid blog is fun, so i appreciate reading others. and boy do i. i read a ton of people's blogs. and even though most of her posts are long as hell, i always enjoy them when i actually have the time to sit down and read them. i like this cover. i think it's very her. i cannot wait to see where she's going to be and what she's going to be doing when she gets out of high school. who knows, she might be the new face of fashion forever. ahhh tavi, i love you.
one of your biggest fans.

(and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, new videos coming this week so stay tuned.)

Vladimira Chichova.

vladimira chichova.
photographer: jeff tse.
makeup artist: beau nelson.

ALRIGHT! FINNNALLLYYY!!! i've been looking for good makeup photographs for forever and here we go. i found a good one. kind of reminds me of the prints used in the most recent d&g show for spring 2012. loveesss it. even though i think this is hella tight, i'm not so sure what it's =D
the colors are too bright and crazy for fall....but the editorial is out now...hmmmm. i have no idea, but i'm glad that it popped up on the scene because it's still cool to look at, right?
check out my youtube. i plan on putting up a couple videos this week. i've attempted filming two but they didn't turn out correctly, so i have to start over. i'm trying to become more organized and get back to blogging and filming like i used to, so hopefully i'll get back on track. have a fabulous day my little fashionistas.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


photographer: my sister.

hey guys, i know this look is simple and kind of boring, but i plan on buying a new camera soon and taking outfit pics. sooo here's one for now. it's nothing special, just what i wore to school yesterday. also, if you want to see outfit videos of me explaining what i wore in detail of where stuff's from and pricing, check out my youtube channel. but since i didn't turn this into a video, i guess i'll tell ya what i'm sporting. i'm just wearing this "turban-like" headband that i've been wearing a lot lately,...the shirt, idk where it's from because i stole it from my boyfriend's closet when we got in an argument, the tight black pants are from forever and so are the shoes. taa-daaahhh!! anywaysss, i'll talk to you guys later. byee.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anna Sui.

anna sui.
spring 2012.
new york fashion week.

morgie morg is back again. whatsup guys?? so, school was cool today but not i'm home..just chillin, and i promised more posts so here we go. as soon as i was notified that the anna sui show took place last week, i got really excited. even though i never seem to mention her as one of my favorite designers, i've also never managed to say anything bad about her or dislike anything that she's done. well....if i have, i don't remember ever saying anything bad. she's very consistent with her style and knows her client very well. and besides, her shows are so much fun. they have so much life in them. this collection was no different. i absolutely fell in love with it. the turbans, the purple, the prints, the dresses, the styling,....ahhh it all put me in such a cheery mood. so, i tried to narrow down my favorite looks, and here they are.
bye guys. and don't forget to check out my youtube.