Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anna Sui.

anna sui.
spring 2012.
new york fashion week.

morgie morg is back again. whatsup guys?? so, school was cool today but not i'm home..just chillin, and i promised more posts so here we go. as soon as i was notified that the anna sui show took place last week, i got really excited. even though i never seem to mention her as one of my favorite designers, i've also never managed to say anything bad about her or dislike anything that she's done. well....if i have, i don't remember ever saying anything bad. she's very consistent with her style and knows her client very well. and besides, her shows are so much fun. they have so much life in them. this collection was no different. i absolutely fell in love with it. the turbans, the purple, the prints, the dresses, the styling,....ahhh it all put me in such a cheery mood. so, i tried to narrow down my favorite looks, and here they are.
bye guys. and don't forget to check out my youtube.