Friday, September 30, 2011


spring 2012.
paris fashion week.

okie dokie smokies, i'm going to finally do another fashion show review. no outfit post today. i look like a bum anyways. i've got on a black obama tee, jeans, and a cream colored beanie...soo uhh yeah, nothin' spectacular. anywho, lets get into real fashion, shall we? so the balenciaga show was amazing. i've always been an admirer of nicholas ghesquiere's work, and this time is no different. the show was pretty cool if you ask me. sooo apparently the benches everyone was sitting on fell to the ground so everyone had to stand. "all hail the house of balenciaga!" haha. anyways, so the venue was cool. i'm always stoked for the "hallway" effect runway. sooo the clothes were very reminiscent of cristobol balenciaga's actual clothing that ghesquire researched within the old archives. so, very 50s elements but with a modern twist. i love the hot pants, and high waisted jean-like pants with the broad shouldered tops that were paired with them. this was probably the first time in awhile that i could actually see myself wearing something from a balenciaga collection. the fabric choice was really neat as well. ohhh, and the colors ranged from blacks, navys, white, greens, to fusions of purples and arrays of different hues heading towards the end of the collection. i hope you guys go watch the show for yourself, it was pretty legit. anyways, i'll talk to you guys laterr.

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