Monday, September 26, 2011

Indigo Lady.

anne-sophie monrad.
flair magazine.
september 2011.
by: emilio tini.
fashion editor: elena bellini.

hello world. today has been a great day. i accidentally overslept so i missed my one and only class for the day, but i think i'll manage to be okay. i spent the majority of my day so far looking at blogs and listening to my idol kanye west interview and discuss his perceptions on self expression. i love that man. then i decided to do a blog post myself. i want to review a fashion show, but i haven't starred at any new ones long enough to post a review. so i guess you'll have to look at this for now.
i'm not the biggest fan of denim and denim and more denim, but it seems to be all the rage nowadays. i suppose it's just not for me. but i really like this shoot for flair though. maybe it's her hair, the makeup...the overall style that caught my eye. i don't really know, but i do like it. it's very fun. =)
anyways, swing on over to my youtube channel and check out my latest videos.
i just posted a q&a fashion tag vid as well as a new outfit of the day. enjoy fashionistas.
over and out.