Thursday, September 22, 2011


tavi gevinson.
l'officiel magazine.
october 2011.

here she is again folks. now i know for a fact that i've mentioned tavi wayyy more than once on my blog. i just love her. she's so different, so interesting, so young and naive, but so mature and sure of herself at the same time. it's just crazy to me how bloggers can blow up and be on the cover of one of the coolest french magazines EVER!!! i'm so jealous. but i think she deserves it. doing my own little stupid blog is fun, so i appreciate reading others. and boy do i. i read a ton of people's blogs. and even though most of her posts are long as hell, i always enjoy them when i actually have the time to sit down and read them. i like this cover. i think it's very her. i cannot wait to see where she's going to be and what she's going to be doing when she gets out of high school. who knows, she might be the new face of fashion forever. ahhh tavi, i love you.
one of your biggest fans.

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