Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sage Vaughn.

hello lovelies, even though we are in the midst of fashion week, i've been feeling very artsy lately. i was even in my fashion essentials class the other day at school, and we had an assignment to create something that we could describe aesthetically and we had to do it in less than an hour. i mean, pretty simple thing to do right? but it was funny how when it was time for everyone to come up and present their piece to the class, mine was the only one that wasn't necessarily fashion related. weird huh?
sooo anyways, my artistic juices have been flowing and i thought for my next blog post that i'd show you guys another one of the cool artists that i've been digging on lately. this guy, sage vaughn, is amaazzinnggg. he's from oregon and now spends his time in LA doing his art thing. he uses a ton of mixed media and makes these wonderful wildlife and youth inspired creations. they're awessommmee! so as you can see, i'm really excited about showing you guys this guy. i'm sure some of you might have heard of him before but those of you who haven't, here's his work.
hope you enjoyyy.