Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kiera Knitley.

kiera knitley.
april 2012.

i have always been a ginormous fan of kiera knitley. she always made me feel just as wonderfully gorg as the big busty girls. so thanks knightley for not having any boobs and still being just as beautiful as ever. being a tiny chested girl myself, she always made me feel like i didn't need them. =)
but, who knows...i might eventually undergo a breast augmentation in the future hahaaa. 
but for now, your girl morgs is MORE than comfortable in her own natural skin.
anyways, i just think this cover for interview is some sick shit. i really like it. it stood out to me in the midst of all the hundreds of covers coming out for the april issues of magazines, sooo i thought i'd post it. have fun starring.



spring/summer 2012.
ad campaign.
by: marcus ohisson.

if you guys have been following my blog for awhile now, you'd know that i've always had a huge interest in men's fashion. but recently, it's not so much the clothes but more of an intetest in male modeling. i often think that a lot of the guys who make it big in modelling are beyyyonnnnddd attractive and most of the girls who make it big in the modeling game are super pretty but if you stood them next to the top guys, they would never win. i don't know what you guys think? ...but that's just my personal opinion. i love to drool over these hot guys but i would never in a million bagillion years ever try to pursue one. it would probably lower my self esteem about a thousand percent haha. i don't think i'd ever want to be with a guy who's prettier than me. just sayin'. =D
anyways, check out these hotties for the NL spring ad campaign. 
toodle loo people of the world.

"Full Bloom."

model: milou van groesen.
spring 2012.
by: chad pitman.
stylist: melissa rubini.
i really enjoy looking at quirky stuff like this. it's fun! i would probably include these images in a mood board for spring/summer 2012. the colors  and tone are right on point. the graphic prints on the pants mixed with the neon poppy colors...perfection! you can check out more of the pictures yourself, just click on the link at the end of this post. have a great day fashionistas. and be sure to check out my youtube channel!!!!
ok byeee.
-morgs over and out.

Valeriya Melnik.

"sucker punch."
exhibition magazine.
#2 spring/summer 2012.
photography by: emma summerton.
styling by: mary fellowes.
okay so first of all i think that valeriya is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!! don't you??!! but anyway, these photographs are just as amazing. i'm loving all of the contrast that is going on here. the dark hair, really whited out skin, the deep red lip,...and of course the minimal clothing *o*. 
i don't always like the whole mannequin doll-like editorials, but every now and then i appreciate special ones that come along. so here it is guys. hope you enjoy!!! 
-morgan =)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


ashley smith.
l'officiel paris.
april 2012.

The Deep V.

othilia simon.
t spring style 2012.
by: steven pan.

why i like this so much....i couldn't tell ya. all i know is that i do and that is why i am posting it on my blog.

Karlie Kloss.

"on the run."
karlie kloss.
vogue paris.
march 2012.
by: hans feurer.

oh my lord! i cannot BELIEVE that i've never posted this!! but here it is, even though this came out a couple weeks ago. i just love it. i dare someone to tell me that karlie kloss is not the best model out there. i mean, just LOOK AT HER. she's gorgeous, she's photographs extremely well, and that body!! she's amazing. no wonder they chose her of all people for this "on the run" shoot. she's sporting designer clothes from chanel, mulberry, rick owens, and max mara. i love this shoot.!!!! hope you enjoy it just as much as i do! 
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 -morgs over and out. =)


model: zhenya katava.
photographer: matthew priestly.
fashion gone rogue.

hello people of the world!!! i'm officially a teenage workaholic lol. i've worked every single day for the past three weeks. kill me now! lol. and i've managed to blow the majority of my money on new clothes -__- haha. but i really needed some new duds. i've been doing really good this whole school year by wearing every single article of clothing in my closet at least one or two times. everyone of my recent purchases i've thought long and hard about to make sure that they will be worn. sooo i guess it's not so bad that i've blown a bagillion dollars on clothes. haha. 
so anyways, i think i told you guys before that i've been really impressed with fashiongonerogue's latest editorials. this one is super rad. it looks like something that i would hang on my wall. i'm enjoying their stuff. i've got to research it, but i'm thinking that they could have possibly hired some new people on their team or something because their stuff is soo sick nowadays. so here it is, check it out. 
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ok bye.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


karl lagerfeld.
by: karl legerfeld.
i-D magazine.

ohhhh karrll! <3 <3 <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

Vogue Russia.

daphne groeneveld.
"return to edem."
vogue russia.
april 2012.
photographer: hedi slimane.
dude, daphne has been blowing up lately. i've seen this girl all over the freakin' place. but it's great because i love her!!! look at those lips!?!?! holy mother of pearl! lol. this whole blonde hair, deep fierce eyes, with a huge pout thing is really starting get popular, but i must say that i'm a big fan of it. 
for the past seven months or so i've been obsessed with taking pictures. recently, i've been taking more and playing with editing them. this finish used on this particular set of images is something that i've been really digging recently. the whole almmoosst black and white but yet there's still the element of color's pretty cool if you ask me. 

Self Service.

photographer: theo wenner.
self service.
spring/summer 2012.

hey guys. life has been super duper busy lately. sorry for the lack of posts. anyways, i've been in the mood of wearing makeup lately. i think i'm going to go to sephora after i get my paycheck next week and stock up on some new stuff. =)
maybe i'll try some of these looks out. what do you think??

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vogue Australia.

model: julia frauche.
vogue australia.
april 2012.
photographer: kai z feng.

love thiisss!!

Giorgio Armani.

giorgio armani.
fall 2012.
milan fashion week.

okie dokie smokies! now i know this show was like six days ago and i'm just now talking about it on my blog, but you'll live....right?? so i did actually see footage from the show the day it happened and i really liked what i saw. it was the day after the oscars and instead of typical evening sparkly hollywood dresses, there was this old school glamorous feel but with men's tailoring. it doesn't get any better than that. but it still had elements of femininity with the splashes of pink and purple that were carefully place randomly in the looks parading down the runway. i got a very chic and sophisticated vibe from this collection. a lot pants, but there were also some nice cocktail dresses. the over the top black fedoras were a major plus in my book. armani gave me a strong woman with this show for next fall. women wearing these clothes are very strong and exude confidence. i wish i could afford just one piece from this collection...guess i need to start saving up now if that's ever going to happen lol.
talk to you guys later.
-morgs, over and out.

Sterling Clairmont.

"too cool."
sterling clairmont.
fashion gone rogue.
by: kinya.

hello loves!!! i took a few days off from blogging...i was working and then yesterday was my 19th BIRTHDAYY!! it was so fun. my mom and dad took me shopping and out to lunch. then i spent my evening hookahing it up with my friend tye and then we had sushi! it was so fun. =D
so anyways, back to fashion!
so i found this editorial on the fashion gone rogue site and LOVED IT! i think they've really been stepping it up lately with their own editorial content. i'm turning into a big fan of their stuff nowadays.
so with this particular set of images, i really enjoy it because she is supposed to be "too cool" but she's wearing COLOR! i think it's a fresh take on the new age bad ass. don't ya think? i'm loving the styling here that was done by kristina chanel. it's all just a great group of photos. what do you guys think?? new posts coming today. i've got a lot of runway reviews to catch up on. don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!
toodles fashionistas.