Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sterling Clairmont.

"too cool."
sterling clairmont.
fashion gone rogue.
by: kinya.

hello loves!!! i took a few days off from blogging...i was working and then yesterday was my 19th BIRTHDAYY!! it was so fun. my mom and dad took me shopping and out to lunch. then i spent my evening hookahing it up with my friend tye and then we had sushi! it was so fun. =D
so anyways, back to fashion!
so i found this editorial on the fashion gone rogue site and LOVED IT! i think they've really been stepping it up lately with their own editorial content. i'm turning into a big fan of their stuff nowadays.
so with this particular set of images, i really enjoy it because she is supposed to be "too cool" but she's wearing COLOR! i think it's a fresh take on the new age bad ass. don't ya think? i'm loving the styling here that was done by kristina chanel. it's all just a great group of photos. what do you guys think?? new posts coming today. i've got a lot of runway reviews to catch up on. don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!
toodles fashionistas.