Monday, October 31, 2011

Vogue Paris.

lara stone, freja beha erichson, mariacarla boscono.
vogue paris.
october 2010.
by: mert & marcus.

i know this is like a year old, buttttt i don't care because it fits in with today so well i just HAD to post it. be safe everybody....oh and i promise to hold off of the black and white images so much.
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i've posted some really cool vlogs in the past couple days, so check em' ouuttt.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lindsey Wixon.

lindsey wixon.
w korea.
november 2011.
photography by: phil poynter.

this is soooo sick! i don't have too much to say about this other than it caught my eye. aannd that lindsey has stuck around a lot longer than i anticipated. she is ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE! but i've always backed her. i remember when awhile ago make a post going off on people who criticized her look lol. but look who's winning,....sheee iissss! anyways, i just uploaded a youtube video about how to get into fashion design, so check it out! byee guys.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Remi Rebillard.

remi rebillard.

dude!!!! isn't this awesome. i get so stoked when i see some killer photography. i hope you guys just take this in and enjoy it. pretty cool stuff. anyways, gotta go plan what i'm going to do for one of my school projects. see ya later alligators.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lady Gaga.

Free People.

models: elsa hosk, chrishell stubbs, and tallulah morton.
free people.
photographer: alexei hay.

i stumbled across this earlier today and thought that it really captivated youth right now and what's going on with those who try to run away from fashion...but are actually contributing to a major part of the hipster.."cool" thing that's going on right now. i find it to be very interesting. anyways, i don't know if i told any of you but i recently got hired on at urban outfitters and since free people is a sister to them...why not post their latest campaign on my blog. and besides, i love this anyway. so check it out. and email me if you have any requests for youtube videos.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Playing Fashion.

jana knauerova.
playing fashion.
november 2011.
by: jason kim.

i want to snatch this sweater off of her!!!!!....the razor-blade necklace, that turtleneck, aaand those gloves.
i want new clothes!!! i haven't been shopping in like two whole months. ='(

Raquel & Roll.

raquel zimmerman.
vogue paris.
by: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

this is so fun! i automatically opened my itunes and started blasting midnight city by m83 when i decided to start doing this post. doesn't it just make you want to act crazy and get up and dance?! i recently posted some stupid pictures of myself that my sister took of me galloping around my room blasting music on my ipod. i love seeing shoots like this where it seems so free...not "posy" at all. you know what i mean? anyways, check these pics out. the clothes are fantastic.!!!!! they also help breathe life into her. i'm loving this bright poppy red for fall.!!! so anyways, i'm going to stop talking. don't forget to go over to my youtube channel for vlogs and outfit videos.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mother of Pearl.

mother of pearl.
spring/summer 2012 collection.

i want all of this stuff. it's so simple and carefree...very "my style." can't you guys see me in this stuff?? too bad i'm broke as a joke and will never be able to go shopping again in my life...but oh well. a girl can still dream, can't she? anywaayyyy, check this stuff out and let me know what you think. my email is over to the right buuuuuttttttt just in case you missed it (
toodle-loo fashion lovers and friends, just wait for your girl morgy morg to come and do it again.


amberlie anderson.
issue 25.
photographer: karla majnaric.
makeup: kim tavares.
hair: frank apostolopoulos.

whooaaaa!!!! i want my hair to look JUST LIKE THIS! i'm a fan of big frizzballs. i guess i'm going to have to start teasing the hell out of mine so that i can get this affect.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York City Boy.

mikhael ayoub.
by: david urbanke.
sheer magazine.
september 2011.

hello all. i love this! it's so much fun to look at. i've met a few guys in my day that have similar styles as the one being displayed here. i think it's cool to see people like this every now and then. sheer magazine seems pretty sick. i think all of you guys should go check out their website. they definitely appeal to the cool young hipster croud that i'm apparently a part of. (rolling my eyes) lol. but yeah, i hope you all like this and fellas,....embrace the clothes being shown here. not saying you should go out and try to dress like this,...but it's fun. anyways, i'm done rambling. check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


model: meeee.
photographer: my little sister madison.

.....this is just kinda casual...pretty boring if you ask me. but i really like these colors.
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toodles guys.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ajek Deng.

another magazine.
fall 2011.
photography by: paolo roversi.
styled by: cathy edwards.

okay, i'm pretty sure i've alerted the masses when this girl first came out that i am OBSESSED with her look. she is like drop dead gorgeous to me. i love her facial structure, her skin,...just everything. and she photographs so well that i can't help but be a fan. it was really difficult for me to narrow down the images that i wanted to share with you guys, but i managed to do it. i'll also include a link at the end so you'll be able to see the full spread. all of the clothing here is TO DIE FOR! seriously. sooo uhh yeah fashionistas, check it out. peace.

Anu Koski.

anu koski.
vogue taiwan.
by: enric galceran.
styled by: dixi romano.

i always like it when i see a spread for a magazine and can picture myself in the clothes being shown. i am in love with the weather right now. of course i'm in stl where the weather is super weird and always changing, but days like today are the best. it's pretty chilly but the sun is out and the sky is such a clear's gorgeous. the wind slightly blowing and the cool colored leaves.. ahhh, loves it. layering is so in right now and i'm a fan of it this season because it doesn't seem to be too overdone. mixing chunky knits over fitted long sleeves, high waisted bell-bottomed pants, and an awesome hat just tops off the perfect look. check out the pics, hope you like them.
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other than that, i'll catch you guys on the flip side. toodles.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


dovile virsilaite.
by: marton perlaki.
stiletto magazine.
fal 2011.

work !!!!!

Kate Moss.

kate moss.
by: mert alas & marcus piggott.
vogue paris.
may 2011.

i know i've been pulling "dated" stuff to put on my blog recently, but you have to admitt that it's all pretty cool. kate moss has been seen a ton recently. i saw her in walking in fashion week,...pretty sweet. it's like she never slows down and her career never dies. now the colors in this photoshoot are amazing. as well as these killer clothes that she's wearing. checckkk it outtttt.
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Couture Couture.

"couture couture."
candice swanepoel.
by: karl lagerfeld.
us harper's bazaar.
october 2011.

i love this. i'm always a sucker for really good black and white photography. and my boy KL does it amazingly, does he not? i'm also i love with couture. not only do i love clothing, but i'm also in love with design and time and quality. couture clothing is the best because it's handled so delicately and made so passionately. everything about couture is so inspiring to anyone who's obsessed with clothing. i think harper's bazaar did a great job in picking these particular photographs for this spread because they truly illustrate what couture is all about.