Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Boys!

oh boyysssss! you guys need fashion advice too, don't ya? i hope that you have noticed that lately, i've been trying to incorporate more menswear stuff into my blog because i don't always see too much of it. and you guys need love too. soooo, i wanted to give my fellas out there some helpful advice on how to dress for this season. suits are something that are timeless, and i'm pretty sure will NEVER EVER go out of style. that being said, the cut of them does change. this season, the big thing is to have a broad shoulder with fitted and more slimming pants. this draws the eyes upward and gives the appearance of a better and more flattering physique. also, another tid-bit that i'd like to throw in there is that the lines and cut of the suit should be very simple and a have a slightly tighter fit. i'm not saying it should be hella skin tight, but not loose in any way. it allows for the body to look sleeker and gives an allusion of confidence and sex appeal. nice huh? soo, go ahead and take a look at these attractive fellows below. let me know what you think.

images via:


hailey clauson.
numero #123.
by: greg kadel.
styling by: patti wilson.

ok, so i was initially drawn to this at first because of the amazing styling. i mean, you have to admit, the hair, the clothes,...the hat! loved it right away. but as i continued to go through this series i thought that a different model should have been chosen. now don't get me wrong, i like hailey...she's cool...buutttt i do think that this look over powered her in a way. that being said, i think she did the best that SHE could do. it wasn't my favorite look on her. i'm still trying to think of a model who i think could better pull of this look...just can't think of one at the moment, but i'm sure i'll most likely figure it out as soon as i'm done typing this post haha. anyways, this whole western/over the top luxury thing is a pretty sweet concept. i'm down with it. and then when you throw a hat on it, it makes the whole thing a thousand times better...because we all know i LOVE headgear. and to all those people who can pull it off, yay us! lol. okie dokie, well i don't think that there is much else to say about this one so i think i'm gonna have to go. i will catch all of you guys on the flip side. toodles.


rosemount australian fashion week.
may 2-6, 2011.
kate sylvester.

well....i honestly don't have anything to say about rafw, but i do really enjoy this picture! =)
if that makes it any better at all...
sooo this past week have been kind of stressful for me, but you know what? at the end of the day, the best thing i can do is smile and think about all of the good things in life that are yet to come. staying positive has been hard, but i'm working on it. remember guys, it's better to smile. and frowning all the time increases a risk of wrinkles lol ;). stay sweet fashionistas.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


michelle williams.
interview may 2011.
shot by: mikael jansson.

simplicity...i am so down with things being simple. but then again, that's only for myself. i love flamboyant, loud, and crazy stuff too...but minimalism is always a really nice thing. this reminds me of tavi soooo much. i wonder if the people who put this together had her in mind....maybe, maybe not. who knows? i like it anyway. it's like she's trying to look through this sea of chaos but on the inside, she's just normal...plain...curious. i don't know if that made any sense to you, but it definitely makes sense in my head. haha. =) any-who, remember that simple things are going to be what's hot for this season. just chill stuff, ya feel me.?? hope you enjoy the picctturreee. have a nice one guys. until next time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Bright & Beastly."

"bright & beastly."
model: sarah gardner.
shot by: bret sano.
hair by: tiffany marie.
makeup: rosie moreno.

this is cool....the whole animal thing is really taking over. i'm down with it though. my mom took me shopping today and all i saw in the stores were one of three things. all of the windows either had stuff with 1. animal print/inspired stuff, 2. nudes/beiges/cremes/whites, or 3. more and more color blocking items. it was nuts. but the animalistic thing is probably the coolest one. i really like how it's being done this season. i mean, all of the roberto cavalli fans out there have every right to say that it's been done before but i think for the first time in awhile, that it's being done in a "chill" way. i dig it. every time i see animal print/animal type inspired stuff now it's not really seen as a "diva" thing but more of a hippy, "i'm down with the earth and nature" type of feel.....if that makes any sense to you at all. haha, i hope you guys get what i'm trying to say. i am currently editing and trying to upload a new youtube video right now soo be sure to check out my channeellll, and SUBSCRIBE to it. =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eniko Mihalik.

25 magazine.
spring 2010.
photographer: derek kettela.
stylist: paulina aranova.
body art: jenai chin.

so is this was kim kardashian thought that W mag. was going for when she did her cover???? hmmm, that's what it sounds like to me. too bad it had already been done. don't call me a perv or anything, but i was browsing the internet for nude art. and then of course, being me, i started looking at nude fashion some people wonder why it should be considered fashion. now, let me go right out and say, i haven't heard or tried to hear what the "experts" say on this issue, but am simply here to state my opinion and say why it is relevant. fashion is art. let me say it again, fashion is art. it is a wearable form of self expression that can help give each and every person their own personal meaning or boost to continue on during the day. fashion can make you smile or help define your mood. it can define you even, if you choose to let it do so....,or it can be a hodge podge of so many things that you want to state to the rest of the world and to society that you really don't want to ever be defined. whatever the case may be, it's a celebration to who you are. it's personal. clothes are meant to cover the body and be used for warmth. when you put fashion into the equation, it becomes a completely different subject matter. it's paying tribute to the human body. nude photographs are seen all over the place. but in fashion, they are meant to be admirational images of human beings and represented in an artistic way. nude pics are also seen in advertisements as well to help focus the point of selling a particular product. there's a number of reasoning for each individual layout but this is just the gist of what i think people are trying to do with them. they could also be used for a political or social statement...whatever the case may be. i challenge all of you to read between the lines when looking at all of the different fashion pictures that you come across. and don't turn your nose up at the nude ones either. try to find the hidden message...and most of the time, the message isn't hidden, it's right there in front of you.
peace and love.

(p.s.: for more info on these photos, just click on the link at the end of this post.-kay bye).

Karlie Kloss.

street style.
stockholm street style

i'm sure many of you are well aware that i am a big ass karlie kloss fan. not just because she's from the STL, and repping it quite well, but she's an incredible model. i mean, she's one of those people who i see wearing something and it makes me automatically want to go out there and purchase it for myself. she's great. and kk is also one of those chicks who looks sick even when she's off the clock. i mean, check this girl out. she looks amazing, and always does. i'm a big fan of her style. it's not flashy at all. it's pretty simple, but she seems to like pairing one major piece with a normal outfit to make it look even better. she's always so classy and just gorgeous all the damn time. god karlie, I LOVE YOU! when you come back home, we should sooo hang out lol. (i hope she sees this haha).

ViKTOR Magazine.

coco rocha.
viktor magazine.
issue 1.

please please please forgive me. this hiatus from blogging has been a little too long and i apologize.
sorry guys. but i'm back in full effect. ;)
i was searching for a cool magazine cover or editorial of some off the chain makeup that had a touch of sparkle and shimmer but kind of smoked out at the same time. well, what do you know? found it! i'm a makeup geek but recently, i haven't really been wearing it too much. some days i actually walk out of the house without absolutely NOTHING on my face, no eyeliner...mascara....nothing.! i know, crazy huh? but i do always keep chapstick on deck haha. anyways, i know there are a TON of makeup gurus all over the internet, but whenever i decide to go all out on my face paint, i'll be sure to show you guys.
sound good? anyways, i promise to post more soon.
toodles fashionistas.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ghost in the Machine.

artist: erikia iris simmons.

this is so sick. i've never seen anyone do this one before. the things people can do with ordinary objects to create art is just mind blowing. it's kind of simple to look at but it looks like it'd take awhile to do.
wonder where she got this concept from....well anyone who has an artistic mind will pretty much experiment with just about anything. i can't wait to start college so that i can interact with people more like myself. it's going to be so much fun to bounce ideas off of each other and work on different works of artistic wonder and genius. i am PUMPED. lol.
sooo uhh yeah, check this out. you got my boy michael jackson, jimmy hendrix, patti smith, kurt cobain, and john lennon. cool huh?
let me know what you think.


love magazine.
"a love obsession."
s/s 2011.
photographed by: mert & marcus.

ughhhhh, i'm in another bad mood guys. i think i'm going to go out with one of my friends. hopefully that will cheer me up. anywayyysss, enough about me and more about this shoot for love magazine. i'm really feeling the whole graphic element to this. it's all very cool. and i'm also really into this whole blending of colors to convey new feelings of cool and emotion. nice nice. ;)
summer is almost here, aren't you guys excited. look at these carefully so you can spot out things that you might want to try sporting this season. i see some pieces that i might want to tryout myself. have a great friday night ladies and gents. stay safe and remember, don't drink and drive.

via: thefashionspot.

Marie Claire Italia.

tour tricolore.
marie claire italy.
april 2011.
marique schimmel.
shot by: max cardelli.

i need to start riding my bike again. this just inspired me to. this particular image doesn't show it but it seems as though jackets are going to be in for this spring season. (you've got to go check out the entire editorial, i just really liked this specific picture lol). jean jackets, baseball style, lettermans jackets...the whole nine. as well as satin fabrics. soooo go cop you some fashionistas.

'Tour tricolore' Marique Schimmel by Max Cardelli for Marie Claire Italy April 2011 11

Supreme Management.

supreme model management.
different f/w 2011 fashion shows.
march 2011.

okay, so i'll link the source of where i got this from at the bottom...sooo nobody ask me.
alrighty, that being said, i think i've told you guys this before but if i don't ever get into the actual clothes side of fashion...which is my absolute biggest passion and joy, i would love nothing more than to be an agent or casting director of some sort for a modeling agency. not to pat myself on the back or anything, but i really think that i have a very good and keen critical eye, so picking girls and guys to represent different design houses for shows, advertisement, and editorials would be no problem to me. i would have so much fun doing that. i've found a new sense of drive sooo i think i'm going to start researching the whole agent/management type of the industry tomorrow. i've only thought about it because it looks appealing from afar..but i'm no expert. that being said, i'm the type of person who likes to be well rounded as well as being well read so that i can know what the hell it is that i'm talking about. any who, check these snippets out. they're from all of the "star" supreme girls who participated in the recent fashion weeks.
talk to you all laterrrrr.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elle Italia.

hana soukupova.
elle italia.
april 2011.
shot by: alexei hay.

well isn't this just a burst of sunshine and a bright pop of color to lighten your day! =)
alrighty fashionistas, sooo i was going through my posts the other day and i've been sort of straying away from talking about actual trends and fashion and more speaking on terms of symbolism within photography. sooo, back to what i was originally here for, talking about fashion. ;)
sunglasses, of course, are back in full effect to the extreme because the spring is here...which is pretty awesome if you ask me. it's key to go out and splurge on a nice designer pair as well as grabbing up a bunch of little cutesy ones from h&m or forever21. a nice quirky pair will go amazing with the hot color blocking trend that is going on right now. sooooo, see what you can do.
check out my youtube channel...and subscribe to it.
have a nice day guys.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Topshop Makeup.

topshop makeup.
s/s 2011.
model: chrishell stubbs.
photographer: josh olins.
hair: shon.
makeup: hannah murray.

alright dudes and dudets. i'm kind of in a pissy mood. today was a rough one on me. i don't fee like exposing any real personal information so i'm just going to have to leave it at that i've seen better days. any-who...i stumbled across this a few days ago but didn't know if it was worth sharing. when i realized that i couldn't make the lookbook that i planned on doing for you guys, i resorted back to this. i was starring at it,...pondering....over-analyzing, (as i always do) i decided it was pretty cool. this girl is gorgeous. i'm going to have to look her up because i don't recall seeing her in too many things. i love the whole feather mother earth native thing that's going on. it's a little redundant in that everyone's doing it, but hey, that's the style right. i'm down. hope you enjoy.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Jacquelyn Jablonski.

"the new boho chic."
h&m magazine.
spring 2011.
by: alex lubomirski.

what is it about music? being the nerd that i am, i had to go find the complete definition of this magnificent word. music is best defined as the art of sound in time that is employed through lines of melodies and harmonies expressing ideas or emotions heard by voices of various forms of instrumentation. what a beautiful definition. music has been one of those things that has fascinated me throughout my entire lifetime thus far. it is the only thing that can take your deepest feeling and emotion and translate it into something wonderful. it can make you sad, happy, pumped up, excited, or it can stimulate your intelligence. whatever the case may be, it's so nuts that it can do that. i have no idea how i would possibly ever be able to live without it in my life. i never do music posts, but i think i should....either that or start vlogging about music more or post on my blog because it really is something that i have fallen deeply in love with and have been for quite some time now. sooo,...look out for either/or. i PROMISE i'll have outfit posts up this weekend. so continue to look out for them as well as a new video on hair care located on my youtube channel. anyways, i'll get back at you guys later.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


"organice your life."
issue 5.
april 2011.
photographer: alique.

alrighty ladies and gents, i think it's my job to bring your attention to new and exciting things. i have faith that this magazine will blow up and become in higher demand in the near future...well, that's what i hope. now, i'm a slight hippy but not in the truest sense of the word. i want to save the world, the whole going green thing is sweet, but i still like my normal stuff too, ya dig? anyways, they were founded in 08' so i guess it's not exactly "new" but new enough for me. they're whole mission is to bring awareness to people in order for them to live a healthier, therefore more pleasant and happy life. cool right? i know. i'm feelin' this. and the cover is bananas. soooo go check out their website. they've got some neat stuff. it's interesting.
alrighty, hopefully i'll have some outfit posts coming up soon since i'm off work on saturday and can actually go out lol. talk to you guys later.
peace & love.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Personal Best.

lindsay wixon, daphne groeneveld, & kristina salinovic.
photographer: steven meisel.
vogue italia.
april 2011.

this is so intruiging. love it.
don't really feel like going on a long rant today...sorry folks.
maybe later. just not right now. hope you understand. this editorial is really fun,...kind of self explanatory if you take the time to pay attention to all that it brings to the table.
toodles fashionistas. until we meet again. <3

'Personal Best' Daphne Groeneveld, Lindsay Wixson & Kristina Salinovic by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia April 2011 5
'Personal Best' Daphne Groeneveld, Lindsay Wixson & Kristina Salinovic by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia April 2011 12

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dan Felton.

"be a gentlemen with a punk heart."
various editorials.
april 2011.

i've been in this deep, thought provoking, inquisitive,...poetic, artistic mood today. lol. so, i find this post to be appropriate. i wonder what he's thinking about...slash what direction the photographer told him to take. hmmmm,..interesting isn't it???
anyways, check it out for yourself.

Various Editorials

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fearless Feature.

lf stores.
spring 2011 collection.
chelsea schuchman & georgia fowler.
shot by: daniel kincaid.
styled by: alexandra sherman.

dude. do you guys have a best friend?? or a couple of them? or a sister, brother, cousin, boyfriend, or girlfriend that you spend every waking hour of the day with? well i do, i call her brenda...even though that's not her real name lol. i love that kid. one of these days i'm going to have to do a blog post that features pics of the two of us because we are quite the invincible pair if you ask me. anyways, i liked these pictures because it really did remind me of the two of us. you know, relationships are probably one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person in life. they are the things that teach you how to live, what you want, and help you on your quest of finding out who you are without completely defining you in the process. i wish every person out here could find a real true friend, one who will always be there for you no matter what. now, i must, i am a pretty gosh darn good ass friend when i want to be. if you need help, you better believe i'm on my way. =) sooo, if you have a great bff, take the time to tell them how much you love them and reminisce on the crazy times you've shared. it'll be fun, trust me. me and brenda do it alllll the time haha. think of all the adventures that are yet to come with you and your bestie. stay sweet fashionistas, new posts coming soon.