Sunday, April 24, 2011

Karlie Kloss.

street style.
stockholm street style

i'm sure many of you are well aware that i am a big ass karlie kloss fan. not just because she's from the STL, and repping it quite well, but she's an incredible model. i mean, she's one of those people who i see wearing something and it makes me automatically want to go out there and purchase it for myself. she's great. and kk is also one of those chicks who looks sick even when she's off the clock. i mean, check this girl out. she looks amazing, and always does. i'm a big fan of her style. it's not flashy at all. it's pretty simple, but she seems to like pairing one major piece with a normal outfit to make it look even better. she's always so classy and just gorgeous all the damn time. god karlie, I LOVE YOU! when you come back home, we should sooo hang out lol. (i hope she sees this haha).