Saturday, April 30, 2011


hailey clauson.
numero #123.
by: greg kadel.
styling by: patti wilson.

ok, so i was initially drawn to this at first because of the amazing styling. i mean, you have to admit, the hair, the clothes,...the hat! loved it right away. but as i continued to go through this series i thought that a different model should have been chosen. now don't get me wrong, i like hailey...she's cool...buutttt i do think that this look over powered her in a way. that being said, i think she did the best that SHE could do. it wasn't my favorite look on her. i'm still trying to think of a model who i think could better pull of this look...just can't think of one at the moment, but i'm sure i'll most likely figure it out as soon as i'm done typing this post haha. anyways, this whole western/over the top luxury thing is a pretty sweet concept. i'm down with it. and then when you throw a hat on it, it makes the whole thing a thousand times better...because we all know i LOVE headgear. and to all those people who can pull it off, yay us! lol. okie dokie, well i don't think that there is much else to say about this one so i think i'm gonna have to go. i will catch all of you guys on the flip side. toodles.