Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Boys!

oh boyysssss! you guys need fashion advice too, don't ya? i hope that you have noticed that lately, i've been trying to incorporate more menswear stuff into my blog because i don't always see too much of it. and you guys need love too. soooo, i wanted to give my fellas out there some helpful advice on how to dress for this season. suits are something that are timeless, and i'm pretty sure will NEVER EVER go out of style. that being said, the cut of them does change. this season, the big thing is to have a broad shoulder with fitted and more slimming pants. this draws the eyes upward and gives the appearance of a better and more flattering physique. also, another tid-bit that i'd like to throw in there is that the lines and cut of the suit should be very simple and a have a slightly tighter fit. i'm not saying it should be hella skin tight, but not loose in any way. it allows for the body to look sleeker and gives an allusion of confidence and sex appeal. nice huh? soo, go ahead and take a look at these attractive fellows below. let me know what you think.

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