Friday, April 15, 2011


love magazine.
"a love obsession."
s/s 2011.
photographed by: mert & marcus.

ughhhhh, i'm in another bad mood guys. i think i'm going to go out with one of my friends. hopefully that will cheer me up. anywayyysss, enough about me and more about this shoot for love magazine. i'm really feeling the whole graphic element to this. it's all very cool. and i'm also really into this whole blending of colors to convey new feelings of cool and emotion. nice nice. ;)
summer is almost here, aren't you guys excited. look at these carefully so you can spot out things that you might want to try sporting this season. i see some pieces that i might want to tryout myself. have a great friday night ladies and gents. stay safe and remember, don't drink and drive.

via: thefashionspot.