Friday, April 8, 2011

Jacquelyn Jablonski.

"the new boho chic."
h&m magazine.
spring 2011.
by: alex lubomirski.

what is it about music? being the nerd that i am, i had to go find the complete definition of this magnificent word. music is best defined as the art of sound in time that is employed through lines of melodies and harmonies expressing ideas or emotions heard by voices of various forms of instrumentation. what a beautiful definition. music has been one of those things that has fascinated me throughout my entire lifetime thus far. it is the only thing that can take your deepest feeling and emotion and translate it into something wonderful. it can make you sad, happy, pumped up, excited, or it can stimulate your intelligence. whatever the case may be, it's so nuts that it can do that. i have no idea how i would possibly ever be able to live without it in my life. i never do music posts, but i think i should....either that or start vlogging about music more or post on my blog because it really is something that i have fallen deeply in love with and have been for quite some time now. sooo,...look out for either/or. i PROMISE i'll have outfit posts up this weekend. so continue to look out for them as well as a new video on hair care located on my youtube channel. anyways, i'll get back at you guys later.