Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elle Italia.

hana soukupova.
elle italia.
april 2011.
shot by: alexei hay.

well isn't this just a burst of sunshine and a bright pop of color to lighten your day! =)
alrighty fashionistas, sooo i was going through my posts the other day and i've been sort of straying away from talking about actual trends and fashion and more speaking on terms of symbolism within photography. sooo, back to what i was originally here for, talking about fashion. ;)
sunglasses, of course, are back in full effect to the extreme because the spring is here...which is pretty awesome if you ask me. it's key to go out and splurge on a nice designer pair as well as grabbing up a bunch of little cutesy ones from h&m or forever21. a nice quirky pair will go amazing with the hot color blocking trend that is going on right now. sooooo, see what you can do.
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have a nice day guys.