Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ieva Laguna.

ieva laguna & tony ward.
russh australia.
june/july 2010.
shot by: will davidson.
edited by: stevie dance.

ahhhh, the artist and his muse. i breathe art, guys should know that. the ways that visuals can stimulate the mind and take to a far off place to experience a plethora of different intense emotions is just insane. i'm actually in the process of looking for someone to inspire me to create some beautiful works of art. i'm a little skeptical of posting my work on the internet,...sooo i wouldn't watch out for it because it's probably not coming lol. but the way that any painter, sculpture,..designer even looks or feels about his muse is just absolutely incredible. i found these pieces of photography to be so captivating. i mean just look at them. he seems so drawn to her and be completely taken away to a different world when he looks into her eyes. it's a love affair that is hard sometimes to explain in words but a little bit more attainable when presenting it to others through art. so, i'm going to stop talking and have you guys just sit and look at these images. reaaallly look at them and see the emotion behind them. they seem to tell a story that almost makes my eyes tear up. it's pretty sick if you ask me. so, take a look and get back to me. ;)