Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Fruits of Beauty.

hannah holman.
vogue japan.
may 2011.
photographer: raymond meier.

i've been searching for about a week now to find the perfect makeup/beauty picture to put on here and show you guys but i just couldn't find any. theeennnn i found this one. it's not as wild and dramatic as what i had originally envisioned, but it caught my eye in a very positive and inviting way so i thought..'hey what the hell, lets just go with this one.' not that i'm just settling for anything, but i think this particular shot really gets my point across. sooo onto my "spiel." so makeup is something that i fell into a deep love with a long time ago. i think that i've been experimenting with makeup since i was about thirteen or fourteen years old, so it's been about four/five years now. it becomes a bit of an obsession at times, but i don't think that it's a bad habit, so i'm comfortable with it. it's way better than a drug habit, i tell ya that. i was and still am one of those girls who gets a lot of stares and crap from people a lot of the time because generally i like to wear a ton of makeup when i go out. not that i necessarily need to, but because i love the stuff. it can completely transform you into something that you never knew could exist. makeup gives girls confidence in a way that nothing else can. i know some people are against it in excess because they think people are straying away from there "true" self. now, i see that in certain cases but for the most part, all women want to feel pretty. and if cosmetics are going to help them with the process, then that's great. it is a form of expression that is BEYOND FUN to experiment and play with. all of the possibilities are endless. i like this look in particular because it's bright, colorful, intense, and also comes from some sort of inspiration. see guys, makeup is an art form too. =P
it was inspired by fruit, simple...but still cool right. i have more to say on this but am just a tad bit tired of typing so i'm going to sign out on this one folks lol. have a good one. ohhh, and by the way, i posted that one video on youtube last night lol. it's not the best, but i find myself rather humerus in it so you can go ahead and check it out. thanks so much for reading this post and continuing to support me.