Sunday, March 6, 2011


pop magazine.

so i think i either did a post like this before or was thinking about doing one. whatever the case may be, i'm going to do it anyway, whether i did it or not.
so magazine covers are so important. being that i love fashion but am also in love with prints, layouts, ads, etc..i think that the cover to a major publication has got to be on point, or else no one will pick it up. pop has a phenomenal way of grabbing readers attentions. they always have such artistic flairs to all of their covers that are so eye-popping. the photography is always hella cool, as well as the colors, angles, and the models that are chosen. as you can see, i dig the shit out of pop magazine haha.
anyways, i'm going to go look at more reviews from paris fashion week. i'll keep you guys posted on the lasted stuff. toodles. ;)

via: nymag