Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana.

fall/winter 2011.
milan fashion week.

domenico and stefano certainly did their thing with this one ladies and gents. my apologies for not posting this during fashion week...but i guess it's okay because it's not even going to be in season for quite a long time,'ll live ;). haha, anways, this was such a fun show. i'm a big supporter of this dynamic design duo. they always seem to feed off of each other so well. this show was absolutely spectacular. it wasn't crazy and/or loud like a viv westwood or galliano show, but it was my thing, ya know. it was a fun twist on the whole boy/girl thing, which is so gratifying. a lot of pieces are things that i would SOOO wear...well...if i had a special somebody to help finance my wardrobe, but since i don't i suppose that's out of the question...darn it lol. soooo, i saw a ton of bloggers talking about this and saying that they loved the whole androgyny of this, but when dolce&gabbana were interviewed, they said it was meant to be the complete opposite. it was supposed to be a lively twist of girls dressing men's clothing but at the same time making it look feminine. i could actually correlate that to my own self. it's true. i enjoy clothing that is a little baggy, oversized, classic, kind of boyish...but i LOVE packing on a bunch of makeup, red lipstick, and bright nail it's all done in a girly way. i totally understood what they were going for. they played with awesome tailoring, a bunch of jackets, lace, as well as sequins. i give everybody who worked on this show, this collection, models, makeup/hair team...EVERY GOD DAMN BODY a major round of applause. i dig this one. hope you like the pictures i rounded up. tried to pick my favorite stills but represent the show as a whole at the same time...=/ hope it worked. haha, anyways...have a good one guys. more posts coming soon.

 images via: styledotcom