Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sophie Vlaming.

march 2011.
photographer: boris ovini.
stylist: ornella jong.

wow, the depths of every human being is such an interesting topic that i could literally sit here and spend hours talking about. but, i'm not going to do that lol. i promise i'll try not to write an entire doctoral thesis on this subject. haha., anywaysss...this is so sinister, so intense, so deranged, and at the same time, so stunning. the darkness that lives deep down inside of some people's hearts is absolutely fascinating. i'm a firm believer in the thought that everyone, no matter who you are, has the capability to be creative, artistic, and look at things with deeper meaning which can then lead them to something great and they then have the power to discover the utmost wildest of things. BUT, i also think that this can only happen if one frees their mind to allowing such thoughts to enter their state of being. sometimes it can allow for them to be blissful, or can open up a window of burdensome sorrow. you never know. but i encourage everyone to explore their inner most self and really get to know the depths of their own heart. look at things in a new way and see if you can find a hidden meaning to what is going on in the world around you. if it ends up driving you mad, i apologize lol, (whoops) but if it liberates you to a greater enlightenment or essence, then by all means, go crazy. alrighty, hope you guys have a wonderful day.
toodles fashionistas.