Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elvis Lebt.

"elvis lives"
vogue germany.
march 2011.
delfine barfot, paul boche, jules hamilton, and sasha lynseko.
shot by: miguel reveriego.
styled by: katie mossoman.

don't you love the cool kids.? we all know that we secretly do. no matter where you live or how you were brought up, those cool kids were always around. if you were one of them, more kudos to you. if not, which is most of the world, we all know that their are certain individuals that everyone tends to always idolize. what is it about the human race that makes us so unsatisfied with our own selves that we always try to imitate what other people are or what they are doing. i want to say to all of my little fashionistas out there, that it's always better to be yourself. if it's really within you to go out there and be rebellious and do things against the norms of society, then go ahead.(as long as you're not hurting anyone). if it's you to sit inside all day and read up on shakespeare and marlow, then you do that. if it's you to study up on the latest medical journal findings then by all means, do that. i wish that everyone could just learn to be comfortable with themselves, then i'm pretty sure if you stay true to that, then others will begin to admire the qualities that you possess, and you never know, you might become that cool kid after all. have a good one guys, stay safe.
--morgan =)