Thursday, March 17, 2011


anja rubik.
photographer: emma summerton.

i really really like this. supposedly this is anja's first shoot either for i-D completely or her first cover.
....i'm thinking it's her first cover for them, but who knows. anyway, i really enjoy this. it grabbed my attention as soon as i saw it and i just HAD to share it with you guys. i'm also quite down with those piercings. they're pretty raw, especially the septum one. i used to find those quite repulsive when i was younger, but now i think they're probably one of the coolest piercings ever...i just would never get one because i'm almost 100% sure that it wouldn't suit my face....oh well.
i told you guys awhile ago that even though i'm going to hold off on getting tatted up that i really do want quite a few piercings...buuttttt money is definitely a problem. i want them done correctly, so the place that i would get them done at is charging $45-50...grreeeaaaaat. =/
soo, i guess i'll have to wait a little bit, darn it.