Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christian Dior.

christian dior.
fall 2011 collection.
paris fashion week.

okay, okay, soooo i'm pretty sure my exclusive blog followers were already anticipating me to comment and i wanted to wait until the show yesterday to say anything. if you take a second to go back and look around my blog, you'll see plenty of galliano and dior posts all over the place. it is very clear that i'm pretty much a die-hard fan. and that's a big deal to me because since i consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in this industry (well from an outside perspective) i try my hardest to absorb myself in a plethora of other designers and labels...but john galliano is always and has always been on the top of my list. yes, he has gotten a bit more conservative and less "out there" over the years, buuttttt that's okay. there's still plenty of people, like myself, who continue to enjoy and admire his work. when i found out what happened to him i almost cried. i couldn't believe it. i was like, "nawwww, there's no way my boy jay gee could everrr say anything racist or antisemitic." but then, i saw that video clip.....good going john. i was in total shock. how could someone that i've idolized forever and did nothing but praise on a daily basis do such a terrible thing...
i know he was probably under the influence of god knows what, but there's really no excuse for this type of behavior. i'm truly disappointed. and dior had zero tolerance for this. they kicked him to the curb as soon as the accusations became public. they gave good old johnny the boot. sooo now, the fans, the industry, the whole world even,...sits and waits. who will be crowned as the new head designer for christian dior. know they MUST be off the chain because dior is the epitome of fashion houses as well as being a part of one of the exclusive and recognized haute couture labels. i'm kind of excited, but then sad. i want to see what happens. it's like a new era in fashion  is about to begin. ....just wonder what's going to happen to by boy galliano. oh well, we'll see. hopefully he can get it together and overcome this obstacle.
here's some pics from the show.
i was a little on the fence about it. great color choice, lush fabrics, then they moved onto lighter more airy things towards the end...but it really didn't have too much spark or life to it. i don't know,...kinda boring if ya ask me. anyways, have a great day fashionistas (i know i will.)