Wednesday, March 16, 2011


vogue us.
april 2011.
by: annie leibovitz.
styled by: tonne goodman.

i wanted to wait to post this because i'm kind of ocd about posting certain things consecutively. idk, since i JUST put up that cover with james franco earlier this morning i don't want it to seem like my blog is celebrity obsessed. buutttt, that's okay because my readers should know that i'm not. any who, i love this shoot for vogue. they made riri look so gorgeous. she's rocking some major designer duds by donna karen, lanvin, and max azria. the makeup is on point and i'm kinda sorta really liking how they styled her hair. ya know, rihanna gets a ton of flack from people. nowadays, she's one of those people you either love to death or hate. now me personally, i really am on the fence about her. idk why, but i don't think her style is genuine. even though she was young when she first got onto the music scene, she was wearing fitted t-shirts and jeans in her music videos. i just find it odd how she's changed. but i'm still not knocking her style in any way because no one can deny that it is pretty sick. but...she's changed a lot. so, being an open minded person i also look at her as a normal evolving human creature that grows and changes with time. it happens to the best of us. and besides all of that, i still blast her music in my car. i can't help it, her songs are catchy lol. anyways, enough about her. look at the pics, hope you enjoy. later guys.

rihanna1 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitzrihanna2 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitzrihanna3 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitzrihanna4 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitz