Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vivienne Westwood.

vivienne westwood.
fall 2011.
paris fashion week.

alright folks, soo onto the next show that i wanted to tell you guys about. ohh viv, don't you guys just love her. there's really no one else, (to me that is) who is quite like vivienne westwood. she creates those pieces that you can look at and automatically tell that she made them. i think that is genius. once you find your niche, and stick to it, i find that that is the thing that will help guide you towards the world of success. vivienne westwood never ceases to amaze and/or shock the hell out of me with her collections. but that's so rad though. this collection was pretty sweet. if you broke it down into the individual pieces. there were a lot of things hidden in there that i would most definitely wear. oh, and there was a glittery gold runway! how awesome is that lol. there was a lot of slouchy stuff, neutral colors, shiny stuff, gold, mixed with blues and reds...uuhhhh yeah. pretty sweet. go check it out. here are my favorite looks. ohhh and i also love the makeup, that was pretty bad ass! ;)