Wednesday, March 16, 2011


so these images come from a variety of places but i'll put the main link at the end of this post so no one thinks that i'm stealing photographs. anyways, why is smoking so cool anyways? i never once thought that it was attractive until i went to europe. it seems like ever since my middle school days and onward, the majority of my male companions/buddies/pals, whatever the hell you want to call them do in fact smoke...some on a regular basis, others it's just a social thing. everyone now seems to be on this health kick in america and we were brought up to look at cigarettes in a gross and negative light. i think that's a good thing. but when i was in italy and france,...oh my god, EVERYBODY smokes. it's crazy. i haven't seen that many people smoke since i was in like the first grade. but for some looked sooo amazing. if i ever get the chance to actually move to london one day i probably will pick up that nasty habit..i hate to say it but they make it look so cool. idk why or how they do it, but it's the sweetest thing ever to look at. sooo i decided to take an in depth look at some cool pieces of photography that had cool ass people smoking.i found some neat ones so check them out. more outfit posts on the way...
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