Friday, March 11, 2011


vogue italia.
ann ward.
photographer: ellen von unwerth.

well, i guess i have to admit that i didn't watch too much of this season of america's next top model, the season before that, or the season before that one. i don't know why, but for some reason i got burnt out on that show awhile ago because of the girls that were being cast for the show. i will say, however, that the glimpse of the show that i did see at the very beginning of the season actually surprised me in a good way. the girls really looked like some legit models. i thought that was so weird because even though they do pick beautiful girls, and some in the bunch are talented, they don't really ever look "legit" ya know...and i feel like i can safely say that because where are the majority of those girls now?? i will occasionally catch one when flipping through a catalog but that's about's kind of disappointing in a way because television and working with someone like tyra banks is such a huge platform that i get frustrated with a lot of those girls because they don't use it to their full advantage. anyways, i don't remember this girl, but i like her look. she's very different, quirky, and new...i dig it. i just hope that she sticks around for the long run. i mean for christ sake, who gets to be in italian vogue for their first big gig? not too many people.

so take that guys. toodle-loo fashionistas.

ann ward1 Ann Ward for <em>Vogue Italia</em> March 2011 by Ellen von Unwerth
ann ward3 Ann Ward for <em>Vogue Italia</em> March 2011 by Ellen von Unwerth