Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dioni Tabbers.

photographer: kate belm
stylist: simone konu

so ladies and gents, i thought that i'd go ahead and switch it up and post some pics of something with a lighter and air-ee-err feeling. (don't really know how to spell that if you didn't notice)
alright, so i like these two pics of her, i liked the rest of the shoot too but i really liked these because they remind me of spring/summer time when you lay out in the grass on a nice day and just stare at the sky...oh sounds serene and peaceful right? well, too bad i don't have time to really chill out and goof off like that for me.
but umm...yeah, nice piz-ics right? riiggghtt.
ok, done blabbering for now.
you can go look at the rest of the pictures from this shoot if you're interested.


fall 2010 ad campaign.

look look look you guys! guess who's modeling for the dior fall ad campaign, none other than ...dunn dunn dunn karlie kloss!
of course she is.
galliano loves this girl so why would he EVER pick anyone else but her.
haha. well...she models everything else for them anyway now that i think about it....yhaaa duhh..silly me.
okie dokie, so here she is, gotta love her right.
how fierce. =)

picture via: fashiongonerouge

Monday, June 28, 2010

Suzie Reid.

shot by: akila berjaoui

i can dig it, can you dig it??
i have an odd obsession with photographs such as these, mmmmm just fantastic.


go check out akila's bliz-og for for piz-ics.
(gosh i'm so insane lol, exvcuse me childish silliness.)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barbora Pracharova.

kurv magazine.
photographer: waldemmar hansson.
makeup: helen borg.

i don't know what it is about this picture but i find it very captivating. i was just on my computer staring at it for a good fifteen minutes and then realized, 'hey this would be great on my blog.'

Friday, June 25, 2010

Emily Wake.

citizen k.
summer 2010.
shot by: gregory derkenne.
styled by: benoit bethune.

oh my gosh you guys, look at emily. isn't she just absolutely gorg?
hee hee, i LOOOVEEE this. she looks so cool but at the same time like she needs be admitted into an asylum haha. i'm also loving the hair colors..tight tight.
oh and how could i forget, don't her eyes look hella intense..yha those are pretty bad ass too.
i love when models have so much intensity and killer eyes like that.

via: fashiongonerogue.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tom Ford.

fall 2010 collection.

don't you guys love tom ford sunglasses. well, if you don't, let me tell ya that i definitely do. and i especially am obsessed with all of the ad campaigns for them. i have one big one hanging on the back of the door in my room...along with a thousand other pictures. maybe one day i'll show you guys pictures from my crazy fashion inspired weird "morganesque" bedroom haha.
alrighty then, hope you guys like these pictures as much as i do.
(especially the third one with nicholas hoult's kissy face hahaha)
(oh and the last one of freja looks very very painful =/  ...eeeek!)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vogue Spain.

june 2010.
modeled by: tanya dziahileva
photographed by: michelle ferrara

i really think that i'm going to have to save up some extra cash so that i can get a louis vuitton bag tooooo.
doesn't tanya look fierce ladies and gentlemen?? wow! love this girl.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vogue Nippon.

june 2010.
models: raquel zimmermann, caroline trentini, and nicholas hoult.
photographed: ellen von unwerth
editor: grace coddington.

omfg are we really THAAT technology obsessed? wow, this made me want to start laying low on the texting and phone calls. wheeewww.

via: MAGstyle.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jeanne Bouchard.

shot by saad al-hakkak.
dress to kill magazine.

ooooOOo dramatic and pretty, just my style.
don't have much to say about this shoot, just liked it is, think of it what you want.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art Class.

model: elettra rosselini wiedmann.
harper's bazaar russia.
july/august 2010.
photographed by: astrid munoz.

art class with elettra looks fun...just hope she doesn't get her beautiful designer clothes dirty.
hee-hee =D

Thakoon Resort.

resort 2010.

loved loved loved it. aside from being a really big thakoon panichguhl fan and following him for a long time, this collection actually was REALLY good. it made me think of the sun and having a fun time in the summery months. all of the vibrant colors and brilliant draping on all of the clothes was just magnificent.
i couldn't really pick my favorite looks from the show because i basically wanted everything haha. but here are the ones that i suppose help summarize the whole collection.

Janelle Monae.

july 2010.
shot by: carlyne cerf de dudzelee.

ahhh janelle monae, janelle monae.
isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen in your entire life. i am obsessed with her sense of style and how she carries herself. everybody should go look her up RIGHT now. and besides she's diddy's little protege so you have got to know people who he's backing right?
her music is cool, it's different, but i like it. she's been getting so much attention from the fashion world lately due to her amazing fashion sense. so here she is in her shoot for instlye magazine.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oscar de la Renta.

resort 2011.

alrighty guys, so as soon as i left for my europe trip the oscar de la renta resort show happened and i was so upset that i couldn't post it for you in real time so if you didn't see it, my bad because you're actually about too weeks late in the fashion world. oh well. haha.
ok so i liked this show, it was definitly a de la renta show with a few touches and nods to balenicaga which were exceptional.
there were a lot of great details and touches put into the clothes that were very intriguing.
i really think that the whole show just really speaks for itself so here are a few of my favorite looks.
you can check out more from the show at

Jil Sander.

spring/summer 2011.

wow i loved this show you guys. it took place in the gardens of florence, i think it's cool how i can now say that i've been there. okay, so this show was pretty nifty. it was set in a "nature-ish" surrounding but the clothes and presentation were anything but that, which i really enjoyed. there were so many bright and vibrant colors mixed with the amazing techno music that was blasting in the background.
all of the clothes were exciting and fun but the shapes and styles to them were very simple, classic, and clean. so i really liked all of the major contrasts within this collection.
raf simons gets two thumbs up from me on this show.