Friday, June 4, 2010

YSL Resort 2010.

YAYYY!!!! the ysl show was yesterday in the upper east side in new york city.
man i want to live in new york so bad. hopefully i can get my act together within the next two/three months to show my parents that i can handle living there. ok so anyway, enough rambling. onto the show. soo mr. pilati FINALLY showed us some color which is very unusual. but, i really enjoyed his whole take on it. there were a lot of high waisted pieces and things with slight seventies references which i liked.

everything in this show was super chic and definitly presented in the ysl way. i loved it. if i only had the money....*tear *tear, i would so go out and buy everything from this collection. too bad all i can afford is like one sleeve of something hahaha. it sucks being broke. anyways, i picked out five of my favorite looks. watch me forget one that i really really liked but oh well.

you can go check out these pictures and more from the show at