Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dioni Tabbers.

photographer: kate belm
stylist: simone konu

so ladies and gents, i thought that i'd go ahead and switch it up and post some pics of something with a lighter and air-ee-err feeling. (don't really know how to spell that if you didn't notice)
alright, so i like these two pics of her, i liked the rest of the shoot too but i really liked these because they remind me of spring/summer time when you lay out in the grass on a nice day and just stare at the sky...oh sounds serene and peaceful right? well, too bad i don't have time to really chill out and goof off like that for me.
but umm...yeah, nice piz-ics right? riiggghtt.
ok, done blabbering for now.
you can go look at the rest of the pictures from this shoot if you're interested.