Thursday, September 30, 2010

Francois-Marie Banier.

artist: francois-marie banier.

okie dokie people, here comes another art post.
i know it's been awhile but i really want to only post art that i think will speak to you all and not just the really weird stuff that me and probably only two other people will like. i really try and find people that you guys would most likely want to see.
so here we go. this guy is a writer, actor, designer, artist, and painter. what goes down is he takes photographs and paints some sweet shizz over it. i find it pretty interesting if i must say so myself.
everything is loud and out there but i think it's saying that we are all wild and free spirits. we need to unleash our inner selves and allow for all of the cool things about us to come out. human beings have so many different emotions running through them. we are all just bundles of fun, sadness, anger, happiness, and a variety of a million other things. but that is one thing that i absolutely adore about the human race. and then with this multitude of characteristics, that's what makes us all so different but then the same...
i don't know, think about it. let that simmer in your mind for a sec.
so here are a few of my favorite pieces of art from francois.
enjoy =D !!!


Lindsey Wixson.

i-d magazine.
fall issue.
by emma summerton.

so i'm not really too sure on whether or not i've blogged about lindsey before, so if i already have please pardon me for being repetitive.
anyways, i've really grown to be fascinated by this girl. her look is really different but in the most amazing way. her mouth is what really makes her but then again, her eyes and the rest of her face are pretty cool too.
so what happened was i-d took her "different-ness" and transformed it into their fall issue for this shoot.
she really is like a work of art. she's so different and...i don't!
haha, obviously i'm a little lost for words, forgive me.
but i will say, i find it very interesting that she has soo many haters. i will proudly say that i'm a big fan of hers.
she's not a "typical" beauty but isn't that exactly what the whole fashion industry is about. they find odd extremes that can be transformed into breaking the mold of a normal prettiness into something much for beautiful. you feel me?
it's like 1:30AM where i am. i'm supposed to be studying for an anatomy and calculus test butttttt i'm looking at reviews from the paris fashion shows instead. (of course lol).
well...i guess i'll get started on that studying thing.
tah-tah for now fashionistas.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


milan fashion week.
spring 2011.

okay folks, so this show was pretty sweet. i liked it.
it was a little different from the usual sexy, edgy, fierce stuff that they usually make.
it was still sexy, edgy, and fierce but in a different way.
everything was paired with cute glasses, oxfords, tailored jackets, and pants.
i loved it! everything was so preppy and not so girly but feminine at the same time if that makes any sense to you at all. i think the reason why i'm praising this show so much is because almost everything in it looks like stuff that you'd most likely see someone like me wear. so it was definitely my style.
so here we go, these are my favorite looks from the show...well the ones i think you should see because i really did like all of them for the most part.

Constance Jablonski.

photographed by: alexi lubomirski.
styled by: christiane arp.
vogue germany.
september 2010.

ahhhh it's constaannnccee!!! i love her,...obviously.
she's so pretty. okay so this editorial is pretty darn cool if you ask me. she reminds me of grace kelly so much,..or maybe that was the point.
i don't know, any-who..
don't you wish you could live the life of the rich and famous?
be beautiful? be wined and dined? always have an unlimited budget to go shopping all day, every day for the rest of your life?
i know i do! i think that's what this represents..or at least it does in my eyes.
alrighty i'll stop dreaming, hope you like the pics. =D


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Megan Hind.

by raphael delorme & theirno sy.
l'officiel ukraine.

cool huh? cool clothes, cool hair, cool makeup..
don't really have too much to say besides that this editorial is gorgeous.
loves it ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Patricia van der Vliet.

vogue nippon.
august 2010.
by jem mitchell.
makeup--> alex box.

okay, so i was looking back at editorial stuff that i had missed over the last couple of months and realized i haven't posted any "beauty" stuff in awhile so here i go (well besides that one shoot of the chinese chick, but that doesn't count because i always put up pics of my favorite asian photography stuff anyway, this is different lol). i scrolled down my page a few minutes ago and was like "daanngg son, all that's on here is fashion show stuff lol"
sooo, let's take a break from that for a sec,...even though it is in fact milan fashion week right now and i'm sure my next post will be another show review...any-who i thought my makeup obsessed girls would love this.
there's an array of looks in this shoot but they're all equally as cool to me.
i like the colors, the way the shadows were placed, the lips,...everything.
i wish i had more money so i could go makeup shopping...i really want a lot of new things,..if only you guys could see my mac/sephora wishlist lol, tisk tisk tisk, it's a little unreasonable haha.
anyways, check these pics out.

from: tfs


gucci show.
spring 2011 collection.

yayyyy, gucci gucci gucci! loves it. alrighty, so this collection didn't surprise me in any sort of way that made me jump out of my seat. it truly was typical gucci, but in a good way. i did like it.
the color range was brilliant in my book. i loved the bright purple, turquoise, and orange. then the colors went off into neutrals and then blacks. so it was a nice range. two thumbs up for that. ;)
the actual clothes had some sick ass designs. it was some sweet shit let me tell ya. and the little details like the belts and tassels on things was tight. so i enjoyed it, i must say. it was indeed predictable but i don't care. giannini did a good job. here's my favorite stuff from the show. hope you guys like it.
toodles folks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kristen McMenamy.

by paolo roversi.
vogue italia.
september 2010.

tight, tight, tight, tight. okie dokie smokies, this is soooo cool. this shoot is for vogue italia and it features all the current parisian couture stuff out there right now. pretty sweet huh??
it's kinda creepy but in a good way.

Fine China.

rouge magazine.
by: henrique gendre.
model: danni li.
makeup by: yuka washizu.

god damnit, this makeup is fierce! i don't care what anyone says, i LOVE this sooo much.
and since her skin is like extra pale it makes it look that much better for this shoot.
good jobs guys, whoever the hell worked on this. it came out amazing!!
--the fourth one is my favorite!

Betsey Johnson.

spring/summer 2011.
(photos from styedotcom)

well isn't betsey johnson just always a bundle of fun! so this whole collection was inspired by cyclists...
hmmm interesting concept, i know. then towards the end she also threw in some sailor-type inspired stuff which was pretty cool i suppose. everytime i just simply look at pictures from shows of hers it makes me get super pumped up lol. it always looks like soooo much fun! i wish i could go to one one day..
ohh well...guess i better just keep on dreaming.
so back to my review, ehh-heemm.
okay, so i liked it.! it was bright, colorful, there were stripes, exposed stomachs, green eyeshadow, fun hair, skateboards, and just loud and crazy fashion.
what could be better than that!
(ohh, and the necklaces said "ride me" haha)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uptown & Down.

by mario testino.
v magazine.
models: sasha pivovarova, freja beha erichson, carmen kass, and anna selezneva.

ahhhh, this is soooo sick. it's like all my favorite chicks in this editorial for v magazine.
ok, so i think the whole concept behind it was like uptown vs downtown newyork which is kinda cool if you think about it. i really like how this was styled, i think it gives a good look at the two battling sides.
pretty sweet ehhh.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marc Jacobs.

spring/summer 2011.
ready to wear.

marc jacobs...what can i say? is there even anything to say??. so of course, i jumped on the bandwagon a long long long time ago when i agreed with everyone else that he is probably one of the most powerful, creative, and interesting american designers today. so, i really can't help but be a fan.
the collection that just came out yesterday was very cool, i liked it.
alrighty, so there were so many amazing, rich, and beautiful colors that i really think will compliment any woman no matter what she looks like. a lot of purples, reds, oranges, and 'sunset-y' colors.
everything showed off the legs and there were also some cool pieces in there that showed off the shoulders (which i absolutely love). it was very 70s inspired. now, what i find very intriguing about it was that i think marc jacobs is really trying to bring back that ideal woman who enjoys dressing up, being a lady, and looking..well pretty. he's bringing back glamour and beauty, hopefully enough people will catch on and start this whole trend of being a true woman.
i feel like people feel a lot better about themself and carry themself better when they look fantastic.
this collection was sooo sweet. it's gotten a lot of good reivews so far and this one should definitly be added to the list. so go ahead, check it out and let me know what ya think.

pics via the nymag website.