Monday, September 20, 2010

Betsey Johnson.

spring/summer 2011.
(photos from styedotcom)

well isn't betsey johnson just always a bundle of fun! so this whole collection was inspired by cyclists...
hmmm interesting concept, i know. then towards the end she also threw in some sailor-type inspired stuff which was pretty cool i suppose. everytime i just simply look at pictures from shows of hers it makes me get super pumped up lol. it always looks like soooo much fun! i wish i could go to one one day..
ohh well...guess i better just keep on dreaming.
so back to my review, ehh-heemm.
okay, so i liked it.! it was bright, colorful, there were stripes, exposed stomachs, green eyeshadow, fun hair, skateboards, and just loud and crazy fashion.
what could be better than that!
(ohh, and the necklaces said "ride me" haha)