Thursday, September 30, 2010

Francois-Marie Banier.

artist: francois-marie banier.

okie dokie people, here comes another art post.
i know it's been awhile but i really want to only post art that i think will speak to you all and not just the really weird stuff that me and probably only two other people will like. i really try and find people that you guys would most likely want to see.
so here we go. this guy is a writer, actor, designer, artist, and painter. what goes down is he takes photographs and paints some sweet shizz over it. i find it pretty interesting if i must say so myself.
everything is loud and out there but i think it's saying that we are all wild and free spirits. we need to unleash our inner selves and allow for all of the cool things about us to come out. human beings have so many different emotions running through them. we are all just bundles of fun, sadness, anger, happiness, and a variety of a million other things. but that is one thing that i absolutely adore about the human race. and then with this multitude of characteristics, that's what makes us all so different but then the same...
i don't know, think about it. let that simmer in your mind for a sec.
so here are a few of my favorite pieces of art from francois.
enjoy =D !!!