Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alexander Wang.

spring/summer 2011.
new york fashion week.

okie dokie folks, so basically if you read my blog you'd know that i am a big wang fan and that i've been waiting to see this collection for awhile. i was stalking style.com until they put up the review from the show lol.
alright, so here's what i thought.
first thing when i looked at the review it said 'all white'
now immediately i was like WTF? white? this can't be mr. a. wang.
but to my surprise, it sure was. the collection is so cool. it's a fresh take on spring and summer, i really kinda like it. he mixed in a mostly white palette with some hints of (my favorite) puke green, and this metallic copper color. everything was very geometrical and had these cool shapes and had, what looked like, duck tape but with that metallicy feel. it was pretty dope, i must say.
it's like a serene and light collection but once you pay attention to the detail of it, it has a nice edgy twist and a strong influence of the whole tribal thing.
so i give him two thumbs up for this one. it was a complete 180 from his previous collection but in a stellar way.
good job mr. wang, you made me proud kiddo. ;)