Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marc Jacobs.

spring/summer 2011.
ready to wear.

marc jacobs...what can i say? is there even anything to say??. so of course, i jumped on the bandwagon a long long long time ago when i agreed with everyone else that he is probably one of the most powerful, creative, and interesting american designers today. so, i really can't help but be a fan.
the collection that just came out yesterday was very cool, i liked it.
alrighty, so there were so many amazing, rich, and beautiful colors that i really think will compliment any woman no matter what she looks like. a lot of purples, reds, oranges, and 'sunset-y' colors.
everything showed off the legs and there were also some cool pieces in there that showed off the shoulders (which i absolutely love). it was very 70s inspired. now, what i find very intriguing about it was that i think marc jacobs is really trying to bring back that ideal woman who enjoys dressing up, being a lady, and looking..well pretty. he's bringing back glamour and beauty, hopefully enough people will catch on and start this whole trend of being a true woman.
i feel like people feel a lot better about themself and carry themself better when they look fantastic.
this collection was sooo sweet. it's gotten a lot of good reivews so far and this one should definitly be added to the list. so go ahead, check it out and let me know what ya think.

pics via the nymag website.