Thursday, September 23, 2010

Patricia van der Vliet.

vogue nippon.
august 2010.
by jem mitchell.
makeup--> alex box.

okay, so i was looking back at editorial stuff that i had missed over the last couple of months and realized i haven't posted any "beauty" stuff in awhile so here i go (well besides that one shoot of the chinese chick, but that doesn't count because i always put up pics of my favorite asian photography stuff anyway, this is different lol). i scrolled down my page a few minutes ago and was like "daanngg son, all that's on here is fashion show stuff lol"
sooo, let's take a break from that for a sec,...even though it is in fact milan fashion week right now and i'm sure my next post will be another show review...any-who i thought my makeup obsessed girls would love this.
there's an array of looks in this shoot but they're all equally as cool to me.
i like the colors, the way the shadows were placed, the lips,...everything.
i wish i had more money so i could go makeup shopping...i really want a lot of new things,..if only you guys could see my mac/sephora wishlist lol, tisk tisk tisk, it's a little unreasonable haha.
anyways, check these pics out.

from: tfs