Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Fruits of Beauty.

hannah holman.
vogue japan.
may 2011.
photographer: raymond meier.

i've been searching for about a week now to find the perfect makeup/beauty picture to put on here and show you guys but i just couldn't find any. theeennnn i found this one. it's not as wild and dramatic as what i had originally envisioned, but it caught my eye in a very positive and inviting way so i thought..'hey what the hell, lets just go with this one.' not that i'm just settling for anything, but i think this particular shot really gets my point across. sooo onto my "spiel." so makeup is something that i fell into a deep love with a long time ago. i think that i've been experimenting with makeup since i was about thirteen or fourteen years old, so it's been about four/five years now. it becomes a bit of an obsession at times, but i don't think that it's a bad habit, so i'm comfortable with it. it's way better than a drug habit, i tell ya that. i was and still am one of those girls who gets a lot of stares and crap from people a lot of the time because generally i like to wear a ton of makeup when i go out. not that i necessarily need to, but because i love the stuff. it can completely transform you into something that you never knew could exist. makeup gives girls confidence in a way that nothing else can. i know some people are against it in excess because they think people are straying away from there "true" self. now, i see that in certain cases but for the most part, all women want to feel pretty. and if cosmetics are going to help them with the process, then that's great. it is a form of expression that is BEYOND FUN to experiment and play with. all of the possibilities are endless. i like this look in particular because it's bright, colorful, intense, and also comes from some sort of inspiration. see guys, makeup is an art form too. =P
it was inspired by fruit, simple...but still cool right. i have more to say on this but am just a tad bit tired of typing so i'm going to sign out on this one folks lol. have a good one. ohhh, and by the way, i posted that one video on youtube last night lol. it's not the best, but i find myself rather humerus in it so you can go ahead and check it out. thanks so much for reading this post and continuing to support me.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

La Roca.

scarlett davis.
by: molly dickson.

the past 48 hours have done something strange to me. nothing amazing or miraculous happened physically, but only within my mind. i think that as i'm growing older, looking at the world in a different light is something that is now constant. it's ever changing but i'm enjoying every single second of it. i think i'm going to record a youtube video later on today talking about individualism so i want everybody to check that one out when it's up. subscribe to my channel so that you can watch out for it. anyways, something that i've known forever but it hits me harder and harder as the clock ticks throughout the day is that you really only live once. i think for me, the meaning of life simply exists within the realm of whatever you seek out for it to be..or mean. for me, i want to live a free life. in the truest sense of the word...just free. i want to be able to do what i want to do in life, be with the people who bring me the most joy, and learn more and more each day. knowledge is power, and being the little geeky nerd girl that i am, i feel like we can never learn enough. so i want all my fashionistas to know that it's important to always stay true to yourself and just live freely. i feel as though these images that i have chosen really do portray the message that i am trying to get across. don't forget about my youtube vlog channel. ;)
 toodles ladies and gents.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katie Fogarty.

elle russia.
april 2011.
by: tesh.
styled by: hortense manga.

katttieeeee! i love you girl. i like little stuff like this. very cute, simple, basic,'s a nice twist to dramatic magazine editorials. the whole collegiate/preppy thing is really in style, soo i guess it's pretty good that i'm doing this post to give you  guys a few ideas on how you can style similar looks. the maroon letterman jacket from topshop has been on my wishlist for awhile now but for some odd reason (well..mostly because money burns a whole in my pocket and i have to spend it constantly) i haven't been able to go ahead and purchase it. i'll get it though...
hope you guys like these pics.
have a fantastic day. =)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana.

fall/winter 2011.
milan fashion week.

domenico and stefano certainly did their thing with this one ladies and gents. my apologies for not posting this during fashion week...but i guess it's okay because it's not even going to be in season for quite a long time,'ll live ;). haha, anways, this was such a fun show. i'm a big supporter of this dynamic design duo. they always seem to feed off of each other so well. this show was absolutely spectacular. it wasn't crazy and/or loud like a viv westwood or galliano show, but it was my thing, ya know. it was a fun twist on the whole boy/girl thing, which is so gratifying. a lot of pieces are things that i would SOOO wear...well...if i had a special somebody to help finance my wardrobe, but since i don't i suppose that's out of the question...darn it lol. soooo, i saw a ton of bloggers talking about this and saying that they loved the whole androgyny of this, but when dolce&gabbana were interviewed, they said it was meant to be the complete opposite. it was supposed to be a lively twist of girls dressing men's clothing but at the same time making it look feminine. i could actually correlate that to my own self. it's true. i enjoy clothing that is a little baggy, oversized, classic, kind of boyish...but i LOVE packing on a bunch of makeup, red lipstick, and bright nail it's all done in a girly way. i totally understood what they were going for. they played with awesome tailoring, a bunch of jackets, lace, as well as sequins. i give everybody who worked on this show, this collection, models, makeup/hair team...EVERY GOD DAMN BODY a major round of applause. i dig this one. hope you like the pictures i rounded up. tried to pick my favorite stills but represent the show as a whole at the same time...=/ hope it worked. haha, anyways...have a good one guys. more posts coming soon.

 images via: styledotcom

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ilvie Wittek.

orange crush.
the contributing editor.
shot by: hafia wohlers olsen.
styled by: camilla pole.

you know what guys, i was sitting by myself and starring out the window..just thinking about my life, my interests, my future, and the people that are close to me...
i think sometimes when you go through a drought in your life where nothing positive seems to happen, it's always good to sit back and reflect on the times. feeling all down and out never helps any situation. it's funny because i'm probably one of the most crazy and "out-there" individuals ever, but i enjoy smiling and keeping a happy look on my face at all times. it feels good to know that even in the midst of all of my chaos and adversity, i can still bring light to sooommeeone's day.
have a great day guys.

'Orange Crush' Ilvie Wittek by Haifa Wohlers Olsen for The Contributing Editor 4
'Orange Crush' Ilvie Wittek by Haifa Wohlers Olsen for The Contributing Editor 10
'Orange Crush' Ilvie Wittek by Haifa Wohlers Olsen for The Contributing Editor 8

Thursday, March 24, 2011


issue #69.
felix (nova).
photographer: marissa findlay.

isn't he beautiful? i'm captivated by those eyes. look at those things.
lol. i'm sure many of you have started to notice my recent obsession with male models.
i'm trying to learn more about them and become more knowledgeable of the whole menswear side of the fashion industry. anyways, here's the cover of remix with my new man on it lol.

Remix Issue 69 Felix (Nova) by Marissa Findlay

Agyness Deyn.

vogue paris.
january 2006.
photographer: frederique verley.

another throwback for ya. dude, i love these artistic editorials. i was trying to stray away from vogue posts for awhile, but i feel like i'm still okay because this one is like five years old. so, it's alright. i don't think it will bore you guys simply because this one is sooo different. agyness deyn is my favorite model of all time. she's got a great look, very talented, dope style, and seems like the most chill, down to earth person out there. this spread is pretty sick. i'm feeling the whole paint thing. i've spent probably the last 24 hours painting my sister's bedroom and i'll start mine tomorrow. re-doing rooms is nuts son. it's so damn tiring. anyways, can't wait til' the finished result, then i'll be sure to make a room tour vid for you guys so you can check out the full effect. anyways, enjoy these tight ass images and have a good one.
talk to ya lataaa! ;)

via: thefashionspot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor.

holy mother of pearl! i woke up this morning and found out that elizabeth taylor died! wow, what a shocker. but i guess it was her time. =(
this is kind of sad. i mentioned earlier today that my mom brought me up on old movies and she's someone who i always had to watch on screen.
she was born of an affluent family in london and later moved to the united states. she started off her career in the spotlight during her adolescent period. she was noted for her extreme talent and beauty. liz taylor is probably one of the most iconic and beautiful women to have ever reached fame. she's noted for her amazing performances in films such as butterfield 8, who's afraid of virginia woolf, cat on a hot tin roof, and many more. this academy award winner passed away from congestive heart failure this morning. luckily she was surrounded by her four children before she left this earth. she lived to be 79 years young. even though she's now gone physically, her memory will live forever. rest in peace liz. tell michael i said hi when you get to the pearly gates.

Doll Divine.

kris pyrhonen.
shot by: emma summerton.
i-D spring 2011.

i didn't even have to read the description of this editorial before knowing exactly what it was about. she definitely looks like a little doll here. i talked about this on my latest youtube video and i'm sure i've referenced it before it previous blog posts, but i just can't seem to say it enough. i love the lady-like get up. it's so nice. i think part of my obsession with it comes from my mother forcing me to watch old movies my entire life and i've just grown to have an appreciation for women who constantly present their BEST self to the rest of the world. now, i'm not saying that you have to go out and look like you're going to a ball everyday, but i think that taking pride in your appearance is a rather good thing. soo uhhh yeah, go ahead and check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it if you want.
i'll talk to you guys later.

'Doll Divine' Kirsi Pyrhonen by Emma Summerton for i-D Spring 2011 2
'Doll Divine' Kirsi Pyrhonen by Emma Summerton for i-D Spring 2011 6

Monday, March 21, 2011


model: yours truly. ;)
photographer: madison (my little sister)

yay, it's spring time. but i kind of hate spring. i like the idea of starting fresh and the whole "new life" thing, but my allergies are horrible, so i can't ever really enjoy it. so anyways, me, my mom, and my sister are planning on going shopping for stuff to redo my bedroom since it's kind of childish and played the hell out lol. so i'm pretty excited for that. i'll be sure to post pics when it's all said and done. anyways, i hope you guys have a fantastic day. mine started off kind of pissy, but no use crying over spilled milk, right?
toodles fashionistas

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Le Feline.

numero 109.
december/january 2009.
myf shepherd.
photographer: marthias vriens mc-grath.
stylist: samual francois.
hair: leonardo manetti.
make-up: lloyd simmonds.

i know this is kind of old, but i've been so caught up in my feelings today that i had to make a post about what's going on inside of my head. you guys know that i'm a huge fan of rad photography to help convey that's why i chose this particular editorial. she's gorgeous, a little out there, fierce, but looks hella pissed off. i am not really a feminist. at times i wish that i could force myself  to develop that sort of mindset but i just can't seem to wrap my head around the whole thing. however, i am still a fan of women, our struggles, and creating equality. i feel as though men whine and complain about not being able to find that perfect girl...then when one that is so amazing, beautiful, talented, smart, challenging, and a breath of fresh air comes along, they always seem to mess up and blame all of their actions on that girl who did nothing to them at all...girls still have their fair share of hang ups as well, but i don't think that it's fair to always accuse the woman of being in the wrong for everything. this past academic year has been an interesting one for me...i've gone through a lot and little things that happen to me or that are brought to my attention that aren't positive seem to haunt me. it's not a fun experience....but, i've been becoming A LOT stronger than i once was....i decided that i'm going to live my life for me. i love the people i'm surrounded by but if they can't support me or respect me in the decisions i make and the things that i do, they can go ahead and bounce.
sorry for this slight rant guys.
happy spring-time.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Andrej Pejic.

dazed & confused.
april 2011.
shot by: anthony maule.
fashion editor: robbie spencer.

holy shit! if you don't think this is bad ass, something is wrong with you. the model, the makeup, the clothes, the theme, the fierceness! god, it's so captivating. i saw this while i was browsing around the internet at school and my jaw literally dropped and i let out a huge gasp. i was like "FINALLY a new editorial that i can now add to my favorites collection." i was looking for that "wow" factor, but couldn't find it in anything that i was seeing. well lets just say that this one got it. ;)
it pretty much speaks for itself, so give it all a look.
have a great day fashionistas.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


anja rubik.
photographer: emma summerton.

i really really like this. supposedly this is anja's first shoot either for i-D completely or her first cover.
....i'm thinking it's her first cover for them, but who knows. anyway, i really enjoy this. it grabbed my attention as soon as i saw it and i just HAD to share it with you guys. i'm also quite down with those piercings. they're pretty raw, especially the septum one. i used to find those quite repulsive when i was younger, but now i think they're probably one of the coolest piercings ever...i just would never get one because i'm almost 100% sure that it wouldn't suit my face....oh well.
i told you guys awhile ago that even though i'm going to hold off on getting tatted up that i really do want quite a few piercings...buuttttt money is definitely a problem. i want them done correctly, so the place that i would get them done at is charging $45-50...grreeeaaaaat. =/
soo, i guess i'll have to wait a little bit, darn it.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


so these images come from a variety of places but i'll put the main link at the end of this post so no one thinks that i'm stealing photographs. anyways, why is smoking so cool anyways? i never once thought that it was attractive until i went to europe. it seems like ever since my middle school days and onward, the majority of my male companions/buddies/pals, whatever the hell you want to call them do in fact smoke...some on a regular basis, others it's just a social thing. everyone now seems to be on this health kick in america and we were brought up to look at cigarettes in a gross and negative light. i think that's a good thing. but when i was in italy and france,...oh my god, EVERYBODY smokes. it's crazy. i haven't seen that many people smoke since i was in like the first grade. but for some looked sooo amazing. if i ever get the chance to actually move to london one day i probably will pick up that nasty habit..i hate to say it but they make it look so cool. idk why or how they do it, but it's the sweetest thing ever to look at. sooo i decided to take an in depth look at some cool pieces of photography that had cool ass people smoking.i found some neat ones so check them out. more outfit posts on the way...
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alina boykoAnna Selezneva


vogue us.
april 2011.
by: annie leibovitz.
styled by: tonne goodman.

i wanted to wait to post this because i'm kind of ocd about posting certain things consecutively. idk, since i JUST put up that cover with james franco earlier this morning i don't want it to seem like my blog is celebrity obsessed. buutttt, that's okay because my readers should know that i'm not. any who, i love this shoot for vogue. they made riri look so gorgeous. she's rocking some major designer duds by donna karen, lanvin, and max azria. the makeup is on point and i'm kinda sorta really liking how they styled her hair. ya know, rihanna gets a ton of flack from people. nowadays, she's one of those people you either love to death or hate. now me personally, i really am on the fence about her. idk why, but i don't think her style is genuine. even though she was young when she first got onto the music scene, she was wearing fitted t-shirts and jeans in her music videos. i just find it odd how she's changed. but i'm still not knocking her style in any way because no one can deny that it is pretty sick. but...she's changed a lot. so, being an open minded person i also look at her as a normal evolving human creature that grows and changes with time. it happens to the best of us. and besides all of that, i still blast her music in my car. i can't help it, her songs are catchy lol. anyways, enough about her. look at the pics, hope you enjoy. later guys.

rihanna1 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitzrihanna2 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitzrihanna3 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitzrihanna4 Rihanna for <em>Vogue US</em> April 2011 by Annie Leibovitz

GQ Style.

gq style.
spring/summer 2011.

look at my maaannnnn. i've been blogging about my love interests a lot lately haven't i guys haha. anyways, james franco tops everyone. i type like how i talk, which is really fast..sooo i don't always remember everything that i say. but james franco wins in comparison to anyone. i don't care who the guy is, james is the PERFECT guy for me. i have no idea what it is about him, but i am obsessed. he's probably the sexiest man alive. i even love how he looks so stoned all the time haha. i'm such a fan of his work and i always am a freaks & geeks groupie to the yeaahhhh. here is everybody, isn't he beautiful?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Caroline Trentini.

elle france.
march 2011.
by: jean baptiste mondino.

i love caroline trentini. this shoot was so large that i couldn't possibly post all of it, but i'll most definitely give you the link so you can check it out for yourseeellfffffff. i liked it, and i think you guys will too. anyways, i've gotta finish watching bad girls club and i'll catch up with you guys later. i think i'm going to do a vlog on the show skins and when i do, i'll let you guys know. toodles fashionistas.

caroline trentini27 Caroline Trentini for <em>Elle France</em> March 2011 by Jean Baptiste Mondino


it's me again.
gossssshh guys, could i go one day without looking like such a hippy lol.
oh well, i enjoy my style. eff the haters.
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enjoy the pickies! =)

 shoes: eva & zoe.
jeans: macys.
sweater: vintage
hat: no clue

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