Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rince Calder.

okie dokie ladies and gents, so i told you that i was going to start posting more "actual art" on my blog, so i thought that i'd go ahead and keep that promise...especially since i couldn't really find any blog worthy fashion stuff today lol.

alrighty, so this one chick, her name is rince (i love that name lol) and she's a painter. you should go check her out. i became really fond of this one painting she has so then i went and looked at some of her other work and i got a little disappointed. i mean, she's cool stuff or whatever but not really my style.
the painting that i like is called diversity. i love all of the different colors she infused into this oil painting and how all of the people are kind of mashed together and to me that really represents america...and the world.
it was cool stuff i must say.
and i also really liked how the eyes are so strong and piercing...sick stuff right?
anyway, email me your thoughts.
tah-tah for now.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mona Johannesson.

elle sweden.
august 2010.
photographer: jimmy backius.
stylist: lisa linqwister.

omg you guys, isn't she gorgeous? she looks like audrey hepburn!!! so of course i had to post these pictures because as we all know, audrey is one of my all time idols.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meghan Collison.

vogue spain.
august 2010.
shot by: victor demarchelier.

OoooOOo la-la, black hair, school girl type-ish look, dark, mysterious....tiiigght. LOVE it! don't you??!
she looks sooo cool. i want to be just like her when i grow up. i love her eyes too, they're so piercing.
she's one of those "i don't give a beeeep" kinda chicks...i wish i was like that lol.
i'm probably one of the most chipper people you'll ever meet hahahaa.

via: rockangel

Pilot Magazine.

models: nasrin leahy, ella verberne, and erica rosen.
photographers: karen inderbitzen-walker.

okay, i'm only posting this because i found the looks on these models faces very interesting. lol.
they look so demented but nice in a way..also a little bit cracked out but it's cool though ya know?
umm..yeah, they seem like dark depressed alice in wonderlands but i'm likin' it.
anyways...i guess im done typing now.
au revoir!

Sweet & Lowdown.

by: nicholas lawn.
styled by: lyson marchessault.

love love love this! the whole "vintagy" feel of it is just captivating.
loving the retro clothes and the whole chill mood of this shoot.
it's so cool isn't it? shoots like this really seem to tell a story, even though they're not old pictures, they really feel like they are. she looks so quiet, peaceful, and alone...but yet adventurous and child-like in a way.
..aahhhh beautiful, well tah tah for now, someone keeps insisting on me going over to talk to them.
look out for more posts later, bye guys. ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ashley Smith.

june 2010.
photographer: greg gex.
stylist: yoko myake.

well if this shoot isn't a bunch of walking contradictions i don't know what is.
i really want to talk to greg gex about the whole point of view behind this shoot because it seems interesting.
...kind of like gaga's alejandro video.
(i was so happy when i figured out the symbolism in that by the way =D)
but umm..yeah, i'm thinking it's probably the same as that.
which = a struggle between being good and bad...blah blah blah..religion is the right way to go (in some people's minds) and there's a lot of other worldly things that get in the way and push us further away from that, like name it.
that's what i'm thinkin' right about now. email me and tell me what ya think. i'd love to know.

i mean the title of it is Dark Habits, sooo i'm assuming that my interpretation is somewhat on point.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caroline Winberg.

saturday afternoon.
by bersa.

awww you guysss, isn't this a priceless picture. the sun shinning, playing outside, the trees, and grass...ahh everything that makes my seasonal allergies flare up even more, greeeaaat =D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maglosia Bela.

vogue paris.
august 2010.
shot by: josh olins.

guess it's time for all my fashionistas and i to go and get some military inspired clothes.
i like how these particular looks were put together though because it looks really polished.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nouveau Glam Goth.

photographer: vikram pathak.
makeup: kawika.
hair: wigbar.
styling: dan sin.
model: paula (from muse nyc).

these pics go so hard. love em' ;)
it makes me want to get some facial piercings REALLY bad, even though my mom would probably shoot me lmao. haha.
vikram pathak is a great photographer, that's why i chose to post some pics of his. i think vikram is sooo amazing. go ahead and go on the website and check out more from vp's portfolio, you'll be impressed.
maybe i'll do more vp posts later on.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Frankie Morello.

fall 2010.
ad campaign.
sessilee lopez & valeria dmitrienko.
shot by: mariano vivanco.

yeaaah buddy, i'm likin' this ad campaign a lot. everyone looks so bad and pissed off, isn't that great ;)
and plus i love sessilee, she's so pretty..
i haven't stopped to look at the whole frankie morello collection for fall but i bet i definitly will now after i'm done posting this lol.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Elle UK.

august 2010.
model: ali stephens.
photographer: matthias vriens-mcgrath.

so chic. this makes me so ready for fall. i'm really excited about it. i really do like some of the trends that will definitly be up and coming for this next season...although i liked the stuff from fall of this past year way better...but oh well. i'm still really pumped.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Para Ti Magazine.

photography: matias troncoso.
hair: maria paz urra.
makeup: barbara urra.
stylist: roberto torres.

these are pictures from this hair special done for para ti magazine, which is a magazine that i have never heard of in my entire life but since i;m big on the interent (not big on the internet, but a big fan of it lol) ummm..i found pictures from it. soo uhh yha, liked the hair, pretty cool.

more pics at: