Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ashley Smith.

june 2010.
photographer: greg gex.
stylist: yoko myake.

well if this shoot isn't a bunch of walking contradictions i don't know what is.
i really want to talk to greg gex about the whole point of view behind this shoot because it seems interesting.
...kind of like gaga's alejandro video.
(i was so happy when i figured out the symbolism in that by the way =D)
but umm..yeah, i'm thinking it's probably the same as that.
which = a struggle between being good and bad...blah blah blah..religion is the right way to go (in some people's minds) and there's a lot of other worldly things that get in the way and push us further away from that, like name it.
that's what i'm thinkin' right about now. email me and tell me what ya think. i'd love to know.

i mean the title of it is Dark Habits, sooo i'm assuming that my interpretation is somewhat on point.